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I cant understand my feelings

Hi I'm 22, married for one year a half, I'm not sure if I made a right decision because it was right after I break up with the boy I loved so much.
And my husband is a nice man but I don't think he's crazy about me or may be he don't know how to show his love for me But before I meet him there was my boyfriend's friend who used to talk to me about my feelings whenever we had a misunderstanding with his friend, once in those times we shared a kiss and he promised to protect me from any heartbreak from his friend, but before he knew it we were back together for a while, then a break up and I decided to get married but now I think he's hurt so much and I have so much feeling about him, I think he is the right one for me, I know and I'm sure he's still in love with me, what should I do? I'm sorry for the grammar

3 Answers

Xena69 Answered:

Marriage is a sacrament that two people take. Its a shame that people get married and think its a big joke. Some people should wait to enter into a marriage. Maturity is a Big Start. Xena69

CindyBaker Answered:

Now that you are married, put your past behind, and work at creating a happy marriage with your husband. Snap out of the unrealistic expectations realm that you have been living in about your husband not being crazy, moony about you, head over heels in love with you and try making room for some maturation in your marriage. Grow, evolve together and be a happy contributor to your marriage.

CindyBaker Answered:

Since you are married now, it is best you work at creating a happy space for yourself and our husband together. Why mull over what could have been, as what could have been, is just that. A wishful thinking, with no solid grounds. Snap out of the illusionary world. Marriage needs work and you have a great future ahead with your husband who is a nice man. HAve realistic expectations and be willing to be a giving, sincere contributor to your marriage.

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