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Do I need to hire a wedding planner or organizer?

I’ve been together with my significant other for a few years now.
And talks about marriage have been popping up here and there.
I think we are about to get serious with the wedding plans.
We met in a romance date tour and we never really saw this coming but we are both in the appropriate age for marriage and we are truly serious about each other.
I literally have no idea about how weddings take place.
We aren’t planning for ours to be so grand or whatever, but we do want it to be close to perfect.
Do I need to hire a wedding planner or organizer? Is it worth paying extra fees? Can somebody tell me the real pros and cons about hiring one?  

3 Answers

GeorgeLamb Answered:

Yes, I highly suggest that you hire a wedding planner because it will really make things less stressful for the both of you. They can organise everything for you—from the decoration to the food, and even the venue itself. As for the cons, I can’t really think of any because my partner and I had no problems. That’s why I think that availing the services of a wedding planner is worth it, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to start the planning process like me. I hope I managed to help you and best wishes!

It's good to hire a wedding planner. A good planner always make your event memorable. 


Semmy Answered:

I think it's a good idea have a wedding planner, it's going to be a special day, give it your best


Replied on Apr 20, 2018

So true, thank you! :)

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