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My gf just got her first job. What should I get her?

Okay, so my gf just got her first job and I’m so proud of her! I was thinking of giving her something special as a congratulatory gift and I was planning on something that might actually be useful for her job.
She got hired as an events organizer and her first project is helping out in planning for an international dating social event to be held in a couple of months.
It actually involves a lot of complicated planning and mapping so maybe I was thinking of giving her a customized planner or journal? I’m not so great with these kinds of things so I really need some suggestions you guys, lol.
Thanks so much!

1 Answers

FedUpChangeUp Answered:

That's actually a great idea! Since she already has a complicated job make your gift less complicated as possible. Get a cake for two and have them decorate it with symbolism and promps similar to her job. Put that as the dessert but create a candlelight dinner and possibly a movie. You could even get her a personalized certificate that congratulates her. Trust me, she will love it all? Congrats! You're so thoughtful.

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