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Worried about girlfriend's alcohol intake

I’m worried that my girlfriend has been drinking a lot frequently.
I’m not saying that she’s alcoholic but if not stopped, she might go down that path.
It all started after her parents divorced.
I thought it wouldn’t affect her since she’s not living with them anymore and has not seen them for a while but I was wrong.
When her mom called she just broke down and things have never been the same.
Her brother’s still out there in some interracial date tour so I can’t really talk to him about his sister’s situation.
They talked over the phone but that’s it.
I don’t want my girlfriend to spiral down a dark path especially with alcohol involved.
I don’t know what to do.

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

She has gone through such big trauma, all she requires is attention and care to get through this sad time. Motivate her to do things like yoga, fitness exercises, plan a tour and by it make sure that she is not feeling alone. Be a father like a figure to her and pamper her that could help her in getting back into life.

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