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Female friend of my husband

We are married for 12 years with 2 children.
He was never in love with me which he said clearly to me.
He was interested in marriage for the sake of coming to Canada.
Now he and I are together for sake of children.
He is basically a nice man provides basic needs to the family, and I don't work.
Recently he is verbally encouraging me to meet with one of his family colleagues, as they are now very good friends.
He wants me to meet her and me strongly against.
He won't behave normally with me until I meet his female friend.
Feel free to express our feeling

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

A.Your husband has made it amply clear that it is a loveless marriage for him and all he is doing is fulfiling responsibilities, minus any affection or feelings involved B. It is out there that there is a female colleague who he wants to introduce to you, and sensing the urgency with which he is insisting that you meet him, it is a clear sign that there is more to their equation than just friendship. It would be best if you make a concentrated effort to uproot yourself from all this drama of having to live in a loveless marriage and work towards resurrecting yourself as an empowered woman, with a solid career. Men - you will find plenty. And hopefully, true love will arrive when you expect it the least. Just focus on building a progressive career path, remember money solves 80% of the problems.

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