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What to do if our life’s paths and careers don’t line up?

I don’t know if we should continue with our relationship.
We have been dating each other for a couple months are very much in love and have communicated to each other that we both feel very compatible and have a great connection with no issues with each other.
We also both feel that we are a perfect match.
The only hang up is that out careers and life situations don’t quit line up and is complicated.
He is still uncertain with his career plans, and is currently in the military and trying to figure out if he should stay or not.
I have been very supportive.
Due to the current custody situation with my son, I can’t move out of the city with my son and we both feel that stability is important for a child which I have been giving him.
I am 39 and he is 33, and we both want a family with kids, but the longer I wait, my chances decrease.
We are both seeking a serious relationship, but cannot get over the hurdle of trying to figure out a see a clear future with each other in order move forward.
We have discussed this and he says that he’s holding back from truly loving me completely because of this.

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

Hi! The fact that you mention about him holding himself back from completely, truly loving you back speaks something about him being slightly non-committal. While you are grappling with a really challenging situation, it would be only fair to expect your partner to be your rock, and since that is clearly not the case, it's best that you both call it quits, at least as lovers. There seems to be a bleak hope of a happy union, romantically, so why not steer clear of any impending heartache. It would be in best interest of you and your child that you channelize all your energy towards empowering yourself and building a sound career for yourself and a pathway to a happy, bright future for your child. Time is the best healer.

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