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My wife makes very little money, I'm frustrated, what can I do?

My wife works as a real estate agent and she earns only commissions.
The last two years she made less than 10% of our income and not only that, but didn't pay her taxes, so I had her taxes taken out of my refund, which really makes me angry.
On top of that, I do our taxes and I have to beg my wife to send me her data.
She procrastinates, obviously because she knows it'll lead to a fight.
3 years ago, when our daughter was born, my wife said she wanted to work and wanted to send our daughter to full time day care and promised to pay for it and she has mostly done that, but I've still had to pick up the tab once in a while, plus the above mentioned tax.
That and her own stuff, like clothers, grooming etc.
is all that her work pays.
Meanwhile, I pay everything else, mortgage, all our bills, vacations, groceries, healthcare, etc.
My wife spends weekends working, so I have to take care of our daughter and I don't mind, but it frustrates me that I work 50 hrs/week and then on the weekend she's not around and all for very little money.
I want her to stop working in real estate and get a stable paying full or part time job.
She says she never wants to work an office job again.
I don't know what to do, but I'm at the end of my patience and would love some advice.
I love my wife, but I thought I was in a partnership and it doesn't feel that way.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Put your foot down and tell her with no uncertainties that she needs to contribute to the household equally. It's unfair for her to shrug her responsibilities and only pay for her cosmetic/grooming necessities. Tell her firmly that you and she are a part of a unit and both of you need to share responsibilities equally.

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