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How can I get more aroused and have painless, pleasurable sex??

My husband and I both waited to have sex.
It was so painful for me he couldn’t penetrate me.
The gyno said my hymen was so thick I needed surgery.
So 5 months into marriage we finally were able to have sex two nights ago and then again last night but it didn’t feel good for me at all and it still was painful.
In all this time, despite the fact that our relationship is loving and strong and I love the physical and emotional closeness we have during foreplay, I can never get really wet or aroused down there.
I don’t get it.
I love my husband very much, and I am young and not on bc.
I feel guilty for it.

3 Answers

xena16 Answered:

Hi. I bought all the lubes and the inserts that make you more wet because of my age. THEY DO NOT WORK ALL THE TIME. Especially hard on me trying to spend all the money buying all the Lubricants was very expensive and a waist of Money. Especially when your husband is not intersted in you. xena16

Jamie76 Answered:

Agreed. If lubricant doesn't work for you for the pain, there's something else going on. And make sure he gives you a lot of foreplay and attention down there.

Ted1234 Answered:

I think you need to use a lubricant for if you don't feel wet even after a hot foreplay session. If that also does not work for you and sex is still painful and unpleasurable, seek help from a sexologist.

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