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wanting to live with my parents but wife wont leave her dog

 Hello, so i got married at a fairly young age, i was 20 she was 19.
Now its four months into it and all we do is fight i feel like.
Our fighting is mainly over me wanting to live with my parents instead of hers because of a lot of reasons.
Well the first reason being is that im the only one working and i cant get a place by just me working.
And the other reasons well.
I honestly do not like her mother, her mother abandoned her when she was younger and now is trying to be a part of her life.
But she barely does anything for her.
Barely buys her the clothes she needs or anything and all she has to say is "you have a husband now he can do it" They also fight all the time and her mom has gotten her into legal trouble in the past and just isnt a good influence.
Also There isnt much food in the house, its not like they are poor or anything they make a pretty good income even better than my family.
and the other thing i hate is that you cant walk through the house without smelling like cigarette smoke and my wife is pregnant and her mother smokes in front of her all the time and in the house to where she can get second or even third hand smoke.
Her mom doesnt do anything for her barely at all.
But i wanted her to bring her to my house because my parents provide for us.
and it is a safe environment at my house and everything and makes me comfortable.
my dad is allergic to animals though and cant allow her dog to come stay but yet all she does is complain that she cant bring her dog and says shes miserable and complains every single day about how bad she misses it and everything

1 Answers

Mtbdad05 Answered:

It will be a disaster living under someone else's roof. This will not benefit your marriage at all and you need to find a way to get out of this situation fast. What a horrible way to start a marriage! The dog is way down the list of things that are important now. You have a rough and bumpy road ahead, good luck!

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