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What decision i have to take?

Can you answer me? He is a doctor, lost his parents in a car accident at unknown age.
He rose by another family.
He has more affection to his family especially his mother (step mother).
At the age of 28 his family members brought an alliance for him, he liked that girl so much.
Because of his shyness he avoid to meet her (not met her still now) but talking to her regularly via mobile (more than 6 month).
Before Marriage date fixing, his mother (step mother) condition went become worst because of a tumor in her brain and her life time is very short.
After that news, he stopped talking with her and texted her like, I will call you after my mother condition quite normal.
Wait for me until that.
Wait for me until that.
But after 5 days later he tries to attempt suicide.
After a month passed he decided to become a saint.
His diplomatic behavior is confusing me.
Why he is behaving like that? What his character? He is normal or physiologically upset? he is not have the habit of keeping stable contact numbers, not interest of social medias, not have any job stability, always thinking alone, not talk too much, not more friends, not having any relationships, very shy in nature, highly reserved but more spiritual.
His plus is, not having any bad habits and his profession.
If he came again and ask that girl to marry him what is the decision she have to take?

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

Hi! It's in the best interest of that girl to stay away from this man. From the looks of it, he sounds like a bad news. Any liaison with this man would be a prelude to a toxic and a highly unstable relationship ahead. Don't walk away, run in the opposite direction, I'd say.

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