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What should I do in this situation ?

First of all, please bear with my rather long question.
I'm a software developer in my late 20's living in India.
A year ago X joined my team at work.
Soon, X showed great interest in all the technologies at work and looked smart and charming.
I was immedietely attracted towards her and we started talking over the phone.
We shared our interests in technology, work, music etc.
It was pleasant talking to her and we started spending more time talking everyday.
In office I became overly partial towards X and helped her with every technical issues and even did the work for her.
Slowly I realized that X wasn't as smart or witty as I thought her to be.
Although X had a history of coding experience, I could not get any tangible work out of her.
To fullfil the saying "Do not defecate where you eat", our life at work became miserable.
X started controlling everything I did at work and manipulated most of my decisions.
We started having fights at workplace regularly.
we were both emotionally unstable and could not cope with us working together.
We were still going out for dinner (we did not till date engage in coitus) but in office we had miserable fights because of her incompetence, pride and our differences.
She would give unreasonable deadlines and not meet them at all.
It was then evident to me that she wasn't fit for the role at work.
I tried to reason with her in every argument but she could not be reasoned with.
Because of our differences at workplace we stopped going out on weekends.
At the appraisal, I told my upper management that X was good at work although I knew she wasn't.
Several times during this course, X tried to work better by putting in efforts but it did not produce proper results.
Now the situation is that X depends on me for work and I lie to my upper management about work done by X while it was actually done by me (atleast 80% of the work).
For the last few months our relationship became troubled and we stopped talking much.
Although we stopped having regular fights like before, we still have major issues and arguments.
During the course of this relationship, I found X to be controlling, manipulative, egotistic and selfish and always wanting attention.
When pointed out, X said that every girl was like that.
Since this was my first time being with a Girl, I could not argue, but I read online about abusive relationships and wanted to get out of this relationship.
Now the situation is that I've got an offer from an amazing company and submitted my resignation.
This came as a shock to X and she yelled and cried to me about leaving.
I know that if I leave the company X would have great difficulty coping and might even quit work.
But I cannot waste my carreer trying to do her work and mine and let her take advantage of me.
I told her that couples do live without working together and that I would still be in contact with her even after leaving.
But X has shut herself in a room and didn't show up to work for few days.
I do not want to hurt X but I think staying in this toxic relationship might ruin my carreer.
I have a dependent mom and siblings to take care of after all.
I do not want to hurt or ruin X's carreer, but I also do not want to ruin my carreer for her.
Thank you very much if you read this far.
There are some irrelevant and also missing information.
Please share your thoughts on what I can do in this situation.

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