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I can not get my point across to her

I find myself closing up and not voicing my troubles that I have with her.
She has no problem voicing why she is upset with me and does not fail to tell me when I am bothering her (this is very often).
When I try to voice why I am upset with her she does one of too things: 1) Voice her opinion then leaves without hearing mine.
or 2) Voice her opinion then cries and leaves me no option but to put aside my anger and comfort her(although when I try to she gets more upset and pushes me away).
In the slight chance that she does listen to my reasoning, she says that it is either syupid or not anywhere close in comparison to her problems with me.
Lately, I have been holding in everything that has been bothering me that concerns her because I can never get my point across without a huge argument.
 When I have told her how she makes me feel she gets very defensive, flips my argument, or says that my reason for getting upset is stupid(without even hearing the full details of why I am upset with her).
When she gets upset she shuts down.
She can make as many jokes about me as she sees fit and its just playing, however when I join in (putting into consideration that she is a sensative person) it is seen as I am making fun of her and she gets upset and doesn't want to hang out or do anything with me anymore.
I feel so upset but can not voice it,I feel so sad but can not show it, I feel like I am going crazy but can never tell her that.
I don't know what to do.
I love her so much and couldn't see myself without her but I feel like I am going crazy holding things in until I explode in arguments.

1 Answers

Tmitch2018 Answered:

I'm sorry to hear of your struggle. I have issues with communication with my husband too and what I recommend are 2 things. Take the time to write how YOU feel in an email. We have done this many times when the face to face wasn't going anywhere and it helped see the other person's view. The second thing is to buy Gary Chapman's 5 love languages book. It's a game changer in all of your relationships, including parents. I hope this helps.

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