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Is marriage really made in heaven?

It is an old saying that marriages are fixed in heaven.
Is this the truth? I feel that though it is fixed in heaven, we go through it on this earth though hell.
A lot of compromise and adjustment is required.
What is your opinion?

2 Answers

Mark Answered:

They're made in heaven, but lived on earth. Marriage has to be worked at, and the problems that arise on the way are part of the marriage. I have always admired that remark of AP Herbert: "The concept of two people living together for 25 years without a serious dispute suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep." In my marriage, we have often argued, and had problems, sometimes difficult, to face, but we faced them together, and some of those difficult times, when we look back on them, have been occasions for us to have a wry smile at. True love isn't two people gazing into each other's eyes, but both looking outwards in the same direction.

Walter-White Answered:

God has a plan for each of our lives, and marriage is only a part of that plan, It's not the ultimate plan. He probably has a perfect mate picked out for each of us. But he doesn't force his will upon us in choosing that mate. Many people choose unwisely and that's why it doesn't work out.

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