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Met a woman with same sexual desire as mine. What to do?

First of all you need to be clear that whether you sex desires are more that the love for your wife? all you need to do is discuss everything with your wife on a serious notee and tell her about that girl...
1 answer

Bought tickets but my gf doesn’t want to go

Its ok, don't panic. Your question has a simple solution. Relationships doesn't mean that you are bound to someone so much that you can't even decide simple things without her. If you love metal so much,...
1 answer

To eat or not to eat?

I don't think that it is a serious issue. It is allright if he tastes the meal before you're done cooking. Afterall you have done all the hard-work only for him. Most importantly, do not compare your relation...
1 answer

My gf cheated on me

It is very difficult to handle such situations, but if you really love her, want to be with her and you think she is really guilty of whatever she diid to you, you should give her a second chance. However,...
1 answer

My fiancé said she don't fantasize about me when I ask I fantasizes about her all the time is this a bad thing?

Hey, I understand your point. Everyone has desires and emotions when the person is in relationship. but as your relationship has just started, you must give your partner little time. spend sometime quality...
1 answer

Husband is talking to his high school sweetheart

It's ok to feel a sense of jealousy over a past flame I my self don't see that as a insecurity but you care and want to protect your relationship....if it was you who started talking to a old boyfriend...
1 answer

My husband has a bad drinking problem and i don't know how to help him

If your husband is a dipsomaniac, then it is a major cause of concern especially when you don't like the habit. You should try making a list of rules to be followed within the boundaries of home. You may...
4 answers

For the guys: Does marriage counselling really work?

Couples Couseling Works but you need the right therapist that builds a therapeutic relationship, which includes caring, warmth, empathy, acceptance, mutual affirmation and encouragement. Sometimes you...
3 answers

How to get the sex drive back after baby?

Make sexual intimacy a priority.You and your partner need to fix specific times to have sex and be intimate with each other. Omit all distractions during this time such as the computer, TV and cell phones...
2 answers

Growing apart over time, how to reconnect?

1. Spend some time with your wife. How? You may go on a holiday, leave town to spend some quality time with her, or dine with her once in week. You should look out for opportunities to spend as much...
2 answers

Did I marry the right one?

Sounds like you all are a young couple. My daughter made the same mistake with her husband and I told her to stick out her marriage. I’m old school. Marriage is for eternity. Not for a convenience....
3 answers

Should I get a marriage contract?

Signing a prenuptial agreement is helpful sometimes. It is absolutely right to go ahead in a relationship with a sense of security.
1 answer

He does not want me anymore!

I had to read your message over and over to be able to completely understand your concern. I feel your pain...It's v clear that you love your husband to bits but please come to terms to the fact that he...
1 answer