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Lonley wife looking for a friend in a similar situation

No not facing this situation yet. I have company my wife. She is giving me suppor all the time.
1 answer

Am being jealous or rational ?

Take if from a guy (me) :-), your not being jealous, call it off. Even if he is NOT being "shady", lack of communication will eventually kill the relationship anyways. Age plays no role. It is what is...
2 answers

Am being jealous or rational ?

Hi Well, I don't think you are being jealous. I mean what kind of relationship is this where you cant ask about friends who your partner hangs out with. Still, giving him the benefit of doubt, you should...
2 answers

Am I wrong for wanting revenge?

I have done everything I can think of to make him realize how detrimental his actions have been to me and our marriage. He does not seem to get it or he just downright does not care. I want our marriage...
2 answers

Correct strategy?

Thanks Ted, it is like the turkey voting for Xmas. I do not want the split, I feel we could have a very good future given our experiences in this horrible time. How long do I wait?, that is my difficulty....
2 answers

#best gift for my husband

Hi Gifts are a great way to show your feelings on a special occasion or otherwise. I don't think you should think much about what is romantic or not. The very fact that you are thinking about your husband...
2 answers

How to not sound bossy when discussing marriage

Hi In any relationship comfort between the concerned people is really important. And when that s there, people think of getting married. So in your case, we are assuming that this comfort is present therefore...
1 answer

I am seperated from my husband because he says that i cheated on him .

He is obviously cheating on you and trying to use all that cover up.  Having had this experience, i think it is a gut feeling but you dont want to believe.Asking him usually means you still dont know...
4 answers

Should I stay or should I go

When a man starts using his house wife as punching bag or treating her anyhow, its obvious he is cheating on you. He is gaining enough attention from another woman and i am sure he is trying to control...
2 answers

Husbands Emotional Affair

If you truly wish to be sure of your spouse sincerity, you can spy on him/her without needing to touch his/her device, its advisable sometimes to be sure of his/her true sincerity. i was able to have full...
3 answers

Confused why my wife agreed to Trial Separation instead of divorce?

I will advice you to find out the whole truth about her before you proceed with any other thing. I am very sure she has alot of things shes hiding from you and alot she doesnt want you to know about. I...
2 answers

Late Night Texting

You do not have to waste your time talking to her cause the honest truth is that if someone is cheating, definitely he/she got secrets he/she doesnt want you to see or know about. Asking him usually...
2 answers

Why is my husband looking on craiglist?

All you need to do is to gain access into his device remotely which means you do not have to touch his device, all phone activities will e cloned directly to your own personal device, therey giving you...
2 answers

I think my husband is a sex addict

If you wish to be sure of your spouse sincerity or have evidence to e sure your man is cheating or a sex addict. you can spy on his/her device to e sure of this. This is the est way to have an evidence...
2 answers

Can a marriage survive when one person falls out of love?

If you are asking this question, then i will say you are probably willing to make things work ,a man start will start falling out of love when he is cheating or hiding alot from you.You must have suspect...
2 answers

Financial lying

PERMANENTLY ERASE ALL DEBT OFF YOUR CREDIT REPORT You can easily get yourself out of any form of debt. One of the quickest method of getting out of debt is by hiring an  ethic hacker , who can easily...
2 answers