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Anyone Knows the best therapist in Colorado?

You can find some in this website only. Go to the experts section and type Colorado in the search bar. You will few quite a few therapists there. Might help you. Here is the expert link if you have trouble...
1 answer

Does education plays any role in people thinking?

then my wife is double graduate but the way they percieve the things in life sometimes perplexes me that are they really educated?Not only my wife many ladies if oberved they arenarrow thinking,jelousy,if...
2 answers

How to catch a cheating husband?

Instead of focusing on 'catching' your husband, you must ask yourself how this will help you. The correct approach would be to question him directly if you are sure about your suspicions. That is a dignified...
5 answers

How do i survive infidelity

i found my ex on a page four years ago and we lived happily together until recently i started noticing some secrecy with her phone and computer,i couldnt have guessed right if not for hacknspy tech,this...
1 answer

How can I make my unhappy wife feel good?

Ask your wife what is it that makes her feel unhappy. It might take some time for her to open up about the problems, but if you ask her with sincerity and a gentle, understanding tone, she will eventually...
7 answers

Wife's old BF

when I bring up concerns, I'm deemed the unreasonable one, what is going on?
1 answer

What would suggest for me to do about my husbands imagination?

That's crazy! On what basis does he do that? If there are signs or a friendship that he's not comfortable with, then this could possibly be understandable. But he needs to base this on some thing, some...
2 answers

Do i need to support him in rent and living expenses when i moved out

Amber I think you should contact a lawyer for this as soon as possible. Though I don't think you are liable to pay anything to anybody from your benefits and I don't think you are liable to support him....
1 answer

Do i need to pay his rent and food after been seperated

Not unless you are legally bound to. Unless you are instructed to pay alimony or spousal support or any other sort of payment by the court, you don't need to pay him anything.
1 answer

Does marriage retreat sessions really help married couples?

The answer is YES. Marriage retreats are nothing but getting away from the daily hustle and bustle of daily life. It allows the couple to come closer, get away from it all and ignite love, compassion and...
3 answers

I have been saving my marriage since years but it's not working out. Should I file for divorce?

 You say you have been working for years to save your marriage. What sort of problems do you have? It is very easy to divorce, but very difficult to save it. You might think that divorce is an easy way...
10 answers

Why am I unsteady on my feet after an orgasm?

It's because of the chemicals that your body release when you get an orgasm, they make you feel weak and sleepy for sometime. There is nothing to worry.
1 answer

Platonic Parenting Question

You have too much baggage, I don't think getting back with your spouse is an option for you. You can choose to stay in a platonic relationship with him, this will be good for your kids.
1 answer

Sexual mismatch between my wife and I

From reading your question, I get an impression that you are too focused on your own kinks, your own drive. I think the solution to your problem is that you should focus on what your wife likes. Don't...
1 answer

I love my husband, but he always cheats on me,

This is really heartbreaking. I can understand the pain you must be going through. But stand tall, stand strong. You tell your husband that your relationship is not going ahead unless he answers each and...
2 answers

Can a woman be pregnant no symptoms?

A woman can be pregnant and have no symptoms, but that's rare. Usually she'll at least skip her period, feel bloated or get sick. Your friend should visit a free clinic, pregnancy center or her doctor...
2 answers

People say I am pretty but never approached

Could be that you are too beautiful. Men find approaching women who are too pretty difficult. Most men probably think that you are out of their league, or fear that you would reject them, maybe that is...
2 answers

Our marriage is perfect but the sex stinks!

Without specifically getting into Tantric sex (can seem daunting and also complicated), why not do some reading on tantra and practise a few of their techniques. Making your room into a "sacred space"...
11 answers

How do I maintain an old platonic friendship and not ruin my relationship?

You cannot let your boyfriend's trust issues destroy your friendships. Your boyfriend is important but so are your friends. In every phase of life you are going to meet men, who might be attractive, who...
4 answers

How do I start a conversation with my wife about me suspecting a possible infidelity on a recent business trip?

You can also confront her with evidence of her infidelity. I was in this position of suspecting my wife infidelity. I employed the servive of this guy cybernnectic at gmail dot com, his was was amazing.He...
4 answers