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What to do when your husband changes completely ?

I always keep my brain cool in any kind of bad situation. Discuss everything in detail and show some arguments.
1 answer

Cousin is hooked to Thai ladies. Should I give him a talk?

this isn't possible to marry right now. Because he is only 13 years of old. You should talk to him about this matter and his bad future.
1 answer

Planning a wedding soon and need some advice.

Are you interested to marry Ukrain Women?
1 answer

Silent treatment?

The silent treatment is so destructive to the person on the receiving end, especially if it drags on for days. It is such a control tactic and can have terrible consequences down the line if you bottle...
2 answers

Sexless, controlling with some emotional abuse but can't decide whether to leave. Need perspective and help!

Thanks for the reply and your perspective, NovemberRain. That is what I'm bouncing around right now and it is so difficult. I was disappointing and not good enough in her world for like the past 8 years...
2 answers

Buying one GF expensive gifts and not buy any gifts for the other

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2 answers

Friendship between male and female

My first reaction was... Yes! very inappropriate. but then I started to think. Maybe they are like brother and sisters. I have friends who are like that with me. None of them ever gave me any gifts like...
4 answers

Newlywed and unhappy - no sex life

There seems to be a very strong disconnect between you and your wife. She seems to experience mood swings, and appears to be listless, and withdrawn. In order to build a spark in your relationship, you...
3 answers

Divorce or work it out?

I was married for over 19years prior to my divorce. Marriage does change things but people are still the people they where prior. I am sorry you committed to someone that you did not really get to know. I...
4 answers

Girlfriend cheated

Trust is the most difficult thing to build up and keep it intact. I think there would be something less by your side or maybe the distance is the reason that she cheated on you. I believe that once trust...
2 answers

Should i stay with cheating lazy and emotionally abusive wife because of our kids?

Staying with your wife is not always the best thing for the kids.. and I believe that that is a common misconception. If your child is so upset about your arguing that he/she came to you and told you...
3 answers