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What should I do when I feel unhappy in my marriage?

Hi The beauty of love is that you start finding happiness in the same things and don't think it is compromise. While love may make you do all this but your rational self may compel you to do other things...
1 answer

12 years5 kids, help

Thanks Ted. We have tried different things and we still argue a lot. I know every couple argues, but we argue probably more than we get along sometimes. She has past issues, most of what I caused, but...
2 answers

Late Night Texting

HI It is disheartening to know that your partner of so many years has suddenly changed. You just need to check with her if she is still interested in keeping the marriage. If she has a positive response...
1 answer

Confused why my wife agreed to Trial Separation instead of divorce?

Hi In your case, you should be happy about one thing atleast that your wife still thinks about your well being. You should be happy about that. Don't think too much. If you still want to get back with...
1 answer

What should I do when I feel unhappy in my marriage?

HI Unhappiness could be state of mind for you. You haven't mentioned what makes you feel unhappy in your marriage but whatever it is try figuring out what really is the problem. Mostly, some communicaation...
1 answer

Can you tell me how to fix a relationship?

Ok. Continue with marriage problems again. Our Anniversary is today. When we went to CVS to drop perscription off. He had 5 minutes to pick my card out.Got a card with no Anniversary on it. When he went...
5 answers

What should I do?

Hi See, when you expect something from your husband, always keep his perspective in mind. Understand where he is coming from, what his concerns could be. At the same time, if you feel something is not...
1 answer

Need help for build trust

Your husband is extremely controlling and he needs to see a counselor. I know that it would be very difficult for you to tell him to visit a counselor but atleast you can tell him that the two of you need...
3 answers

I love my husband, but he always cheats on me,

This is really heartbreaking. I can understand the pain you must be going through. But stand tall, stand strong. You tell your husband that your relationship is not going ahead unless he answers each and...
4 answers

Why is my husband looking on craiglist?

Hi Your concern is quite justified. But you know a lot of times, we sign in on a dating kind of site just for the heck of it or to keep ourselves abreast of new generation fads. But mostly, if he stays...
1 answer

Marriage problem

HI I can't really understand some part of your question. But according to what I can understand, I will try to help you. Cheating spouse is definitely a pain. It is hard to accept that the person you share...
1 answer

What to do when my fiancee's father does not support our martial plans

Hi Tobi I believe most problems that we encounter can really be solved with effective communication. In your case, leaving a church is no reason for dispproval for marriage. It doesn't make you a good...
1 answer

My mother inadvertently one-ups my wife with gifts for me

HI It is always a tough situation when you have to mediate between your wife and mother. But the important thing to know here is that both these women love you dearly. You should speak to both the women...
1 answer

Problems in relationship are common. But how to deal with them?

The first step in the process of dealing with relationships is to identify the key issue. Is it a problem in communication, in how much time you spend together, in the kind of attention you give to your...
4 answers

Marriage counseling did nothing for me. Does it really work? Should I try again?

Marriage counseling works but there are conditions. First, you have to be willing to do the work and strive to make changes (if you don't make changes, nothing changes). Second, you need to get rid of...
6 answers

Wife secretly texts male friend

Chatting with male friend, for that matter an ex-crush is not a thing to worry about. The thing that is worrisome is that she lied to you about talking with him. Now there can be 2 reasons for that. First,...
1 answer

No to sex anymore?

There can be 2 reasons why your wife is not interested in sex anymore. First is because she hasn't had sex in 2 years, that has some how dried up her libido that she doesn't want to have sex. And the second...
1 answer