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Is it the right thing to do?

I think you're being too romantic here. But you're life's not a movie. Know that! This guy may be great but you need to evaluate him for husband potential, fathering pontial and long-term partner potential....
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Is flirting risky if I am married?

Flirting is so normal, so a part of what we are as a species. My husband is what you'd call a 'natural ' flirt. It's his personality. Some call it charm. Some find it humorous. I've witnessed it first...
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Too many coincidences, is he cheating?

Hello. I didn't read all you wrote but I am sure it was good to let it out. You don't need me to tell you what you already know. Trust your instincts. Ask yourself this question ... "what answer am I...
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What would you do?

Our situations are quite different, mine being that my husband never became moody or irritated, just withdrawn....quiet. But the similarities are there regarding text messages and whatnot. My two cents?...
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Why? Oh, why!!!!

I completely disagree with ted1234 on this. It is not twisted that you feel this way. Fantasizing about your partner with another women is a very common fantasy and you find yourself in the midst of...
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Is it possible to save your marriage alone?

Yes, it absolutely is! When you start working on yourself, the light, the joy, the passion will naturally flow out of you to your partner, and he/she will begin to notice this change and want to give...
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Financial Help

You must seek help from a lawyer. I am sure you will be entitled some compensation from him but you need to contact a lawyer to understand the complete legal procedure.
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How to handle a difficult ex-wife who can not let go

Well this is a tricky situation. This woman married your husband twice, maybe she is thinking she can do that again one more time. You have to be patient, think about what your husband is going through,...
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My bf is mumma's boy.

Well if he going to sleep beside his mother after marriage, I don't think you've much of a choice.
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Husband tried to harm me in my sleep

Absolutely! He did that either because he has some serious mental disorder or because he wanted to harm you for real. Either ways it is alarming. Seek help from friends and family!
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Is this okay?

The thing is you cannot make anyone quit smoking, all you can do is help them quit. What you should do is tell your boyfriend that he doesn't need to ask for your permission if he wants to smoke, it's...
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Can a marriage survive when one person falls out of love?

You do not deserve to be in a marriage where your partner does not love you, nobody does! There are no two ways about it. He said he doesn't love you, he feels more connected to someone other than you,...
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Marriage Conflict Advise

Well yes, you have a valid point. There is no point planning for future unless you are happy with your current relationship. Maybe he is clear about the reason why he fights and gets tensed, but you have...
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Financial lying

It is very obvious you cannot trust your wife anymore and you shouldn't. That is not to say that you should take a rash decision and leave her. But, you and your wife must at once see a relationship therapist...
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What are the signs of a cheating boyfriend?

There are many signs which could possibly indicate a cheating boyfriend. If you carefully observe his behavior and listen to what he says, you may notice the inconsistencies which will confirm the suspicions...
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Are flirtatious married men real cheaters ?

Flirting for married men is not okay. Having said that a few jokes here and there with a friend of the opposite sex may be enjoyed. Provided, it is harmless and only meant as a joke. Married men must act...
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How to catch a cheating husband?

Instead of focusing on 'catching' your husband, you must ask yourself how this will help you. The correct approach would be to question him directly if you are sure about your suspicions. That is a dignified...
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