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Jeni L Wahlig, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist

Jeni L Wahlig, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Jeni is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AAMFT approved supervisor, and trained facilitator of the PREPARE/ENRICH program. She specializes in couples therapy,…... Read more
2606 1/2 Third Ave, Seattle, Washington, 98121
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Now that you can, should you? Considerations for Same-Sex Marriages

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Getting Married? Here’s 1 Must-Know Secret for Success

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Stephen J. Cummings, Clinical Psychologist

Stephen J. Cummings
Clinical Psychologist

Stephan has an experience of over 35 years as a psychologist in Seattle, Washington. He helps children, adults, couples and families cope with problems such as anxiety…... Read more
2001 26th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington , 98112
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3 Marital Strategies and How They Work

3 Marital Strategies and How They Work

Once, when I was in a graduate school class, the ever wise professor asked the brilliant graduate students ...
Samara Serotkin, Psychologist

Samara Serotkin

Samara has an experience of over 15 years in providing coaching and therapy using mindfulness based approach. She is a licensed psychologist, she helps people struggling…... Read more
6306 Phinney Ave N, 98103, Seattle, Washington, 98103
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Jennifer Kollasch, Psychotherapist

Jennifer Kollasch

Jennifer is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and a Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Specialist. She helps adults dealing with trauma, intellectual…... Read more
5416 California Ave SW , Seattle, Washington, WA 98136
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How Does Childhood Trauma and Attachment Styles Show Up In Marriage?

How Does Childhood Trauma and Attachment Styles Show Up In Marriage?

Marriage is an attachment commitment to one or more persons who you feel connected and safe with. A person ...
Jessa Zimmerman, Sex Therapist

Jessa Zimmerman
Sex Therapist

…... Read more
904 Third Avenue, Suite 622, Seattle, WA , Seattle, Washington, 98101

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Why Sex Scheduling Is Not a Dirty Word

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Bring Back Your Sex Drive by Understanding Your Elusive Libido

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Matt Chamberlain, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist

Matt Chamberlain, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

I see therapy as a collaboration between therapist and client. I use a variety of theoretical models but primarily cognitive/behavioral and family systems approaches... Read more
6523 21st Ave. NE, Seattle, Washington, 98115
Heath Foster, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist

Heath Foster, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

My name is Heath and I am warm, experienced, certified and licensed marriage and family therapist. Couples come to me because they want to reduce the ... Read more
1421 34th Avenue, Suite 212, Seattle, Washington, 98122
Simcha Shtull, LPCC, Clinical Counselor

Simcha Shtull, LPCC
Clinical Counselor

In my work with couples (and other family members in conflict), I teach my clients to manage conflict, rather than to avoid or fear it.  When properly ... Read more
1811 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, Washington, 98109
Anna Kosaly-Meyer, Psychologist

Anna Kosaly-Meyer

I very much enjoy working with couples and play a role in their life that can significantly improve their relationship. Being in the presence of a third party who is... Read more
6869 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, Washington, 98115
 Eric Gomez, Counselor

Eric Gomez

Eric Gomez is the founder of Fulfilled Christian Counseling in Edmonds, WA. He practices as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in Christian-based…... Read more
51 West Dayton Street Suite 102, Edmonds, Washington, 98020
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Premarital Counseling: A Key Investment in Your Marriage

Premarital Counseling: A Key Investment in Your Marriage

Just recently engaged? If so, it s time to begin investing in your soon to be marriage. One of the best ...

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Find the Perfect Therapist in Seattle

There’s nothing wrong in seeking help. You sometimes just need someone to talk to, to share your problems with and get to the roots in a secure, confident environment. Therapists are all ears to you!

Life’s all about taking the next step forward. A new relationship, a new career, relocation, finances or family, at times, can be a bit unnerving and challenging, so, it’s absolutely normal to seek assistance.

Therapy is incredibly effective for people with mental health conditions and it’s worth it even if you don’t have any medical issue.

Therapy is a magnificently versatile tool, it isn’t just the answer to impregnable relationships troubles. It is also the answer to trivial, seemingly inconsequential issues encountered in a relationship. Therapy shouldn’t be the last resort to salvage a bond but the stepping stone to nip surfacing issues in the bud.

How can I set goals for therapy?

Now that you are here seeking help, you have passed the first hurdle. Congratulations! But therapists do not have magic wands, they can’t make our problems vanish in thin air. Don’t let ungrounded expectations make your therapy sessions fruitless. Be objective about what it is that your desire from therapy. For that, you need to set to goals. Goal setting is important because it equips you to make a smooth transition from a messy headspace to a clearer state of mind.

Here are some things to consider when setting SMART goals for therapy-

Specific- Set specific goals. Chalk out the specific pain points of your relationship and aim to resolve them through therapy.

Measurable- Make sure that the goals are measurable. For instance, if you are not spending enough time with each other, you can set goals like going out on a date at least once a week.

Attainable- Be realistic when setting goals, they should be attainable. Talk to your therapist and get a fair idea of what you should be able to achieve through therapy. Then, set goals accordingly.

Relevant- The goals should be relevant. Say for an example, if you and your partner have pent up resentment, then setting goals like going on date nights is not going to help. You have to set relevant goals that will help to resolve the existing resentment Again, talk to your therapist about the kind of goals you should have.

Time frame- Set a realistic time frame when setting a goal. Keep in mind your current relationship dynamics. Years of accumulated damage in a relationship can’t be repaired overnight.

Though therapy offers the required assistance to sail through miniscule issues to deeper marital hiccups, resolving tiffs before they fester into graver problems can save you from the forthcoming pain and heartbreak.

However, even if you’re facing serious personal conflict or mental health issues in your life, you don’t have to feel hopeless! Remember, this too shall pass.

All you need to do is talk to a licensed therapist. Finding a therapist can be overwhelming, but not here. We help you find the right therapist for you, in your city.

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?

It’s easy to tell if your therapist:

  • Is located in your area.
  • Specializes in your issue.
  • Behaves ethically, shows professional and empathic behavior.
  • Talks about confidentiality and emergency protocol.
  • Recommends therapy that never conflicts your values and beliefs.
  • Never overshares and knows boundaries.
  • Listens you, remembers key facts and concerns.
  • Is trustworthy and likeable.
  • makes you feel everything is ‘right’.

Not sure what questions to ask a therapist

These sample questions may help you.

  • My problem is [Your Problem]. How would you go about treating that?
  • How will my confidentiality be assured?
  • How available are you, even beyond the sessions?
  • What are your fees?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • How long do you typically work with clients?
  • Does your therapy more focused on past or present?

What can be my treatment options?

Ask your therapist about your treatment options, like medication, dietary changes, lifestyle changes or alternative healing therapies. You therapist will discuss each treatment option in detail, along with their pros and cons.