Trey Cole

Dr. Trey Cole PsyD

Trey practices psychotherapy in his own counseling service Quandary Peak Counseling. He also teaches Counseling Psychology PhD program in University of Denver, Colorado....
1777 South Bellaire Street, Suite 450, Denver, Colorado, United States
(720) 675-7918
Lisa Chapin

Lisa Chapin MA, NCC, LPCC

Lisa is a trained professional therapist and Owner/CEO of Chapin Counseling Service LLC. Lisa enjoys working with individuals, families, and couples and specializes in addiction therapy. Lisa’s approach is down to earth and…...
1660 S. Albion St. Suite 515, Denver, CO , U.S
(720) 862-4224
Laura Michaels

Laura Michaels MA, JD

Laura Michaels is a mental health counselor in private practice in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in trauma, grief, life transitions, depression, anxiety and works to help clients find purpose and meaning in their lives. Laura…...
425 S. Cherry St, Suite 635, Denver, Colorado, United States
(720) 573-4772