Maedean Yvonne Myers

Maedean Yvonne Myers BFA, MC, RCC

Maedean is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Communication Arts Instructor, and owner of Evolving Story Counselling and Consulting in Vancouver, British Columbia....
2211 West 4th Avenue 288, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6K 4S2
(778) 788-2105
Robert A. Grigore

Robert A. Grigore MCP, RCC

Robert is an experienced clinical counselor who works with people having problems related to sexual abuse, relationship troubles, anxiety, self esteem issues, grief and loss. He helps them become what they truly want to be and…...
470 Granville St Suite 835, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6C 1V4
(778) 883-4819
Viktoria Ivanova

Viktoria Ivanova M.Ed., RCC, CCC

Viktoria’s passion is to empower people to built strong and healthy relationships with others and within themselves. She has been working as a University Counselor in Vancouver, Canada, for the last five years....
Room 24, Suite 610 1125 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6Z 2K8
(800) 770-5813