Eva L Shaw

Eva L Shaw PhD, RCC, DCC

Eva has an experience of over 25 years in clinical counseling and coaching. She helps people with problems such as anxiety, grief, relationship problems, divorce, depression and effects of abusive behavior. She is also a deserve…...
11810 Kingsway Avenue, Suite #40, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5G 0X5
(780) 782-8387
Myron Duberry

Myron Duberry MA, BSc

Myron is a provisional registered psychotherapist who helps people suffering from problems such as anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues and self esteem issues. He specializes youth counseling and sport psychology. He…...
The Ferrance Group 6650 177 Street #225, Edmonton, Alberta , Canada
T5T 4J5
(780) 428-5433