Trey Cole

Dr. Trey Cole PsyD

Trey practices psychotherapy in his own counseling service Quandary Peak Counseling. He also teaches Counseling Psycholo...
1777 South Bellaire Street, Suite 450, Denver, Colorado, United States
Laura Michaels

Laura Michaels MA, JD

Laura Michaels is a mental health counselor in private practice in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in trauma, grief, l...
425 S. Cherry St, Suite 635, Denver, Colorado, United States
Cody Mitts

Cody Mitts MA, NCC

Cody is the founder of Ipseity Counseling Clinic located in Denver, Colorado. His practice is focused on supporting coup...
6901 S. Pierce Street, Suite 235, Littleton, Colorado, United States
(720) 507-8170
Lisa Templeton

Dr. Lisa Templeton PhD.

Dr. Lisa Templeton is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Denver/Boulder, Colorado. Lisa finished her Ph.D. ...
1006 Depot Hill Rd. Suites C, D,& E, Broomfield, CO, U.S
Lisa Chapin

Lisa Chapin MA, NCC, LPCC

Lisa is a trained professional therapist and Owner/CEO of Chapin Counseling Service LLC. Lisa enjoys working with indivi...
1660 S. Albion St. Suite 515, Denver, CO , U.S
Karen Fagan

Karen Fagan LPC

Karen Fagan lives in Denver, CO where she has maintained a thriving psychotherapy practice for more than 17 years. Her ...
2101 S. Blackhawk St. Suite 180, Aurora, Colorado, United States
Ezzat Moghazy

Ezzat Moghazy CHT, CAHA, MSc, CKTI, RMT

Ezzat has successfully helped and continues to help people in their successful journey to become free of anxiety...

Cherry Creek Office: 50, S Steele St 950, Denver , Colorado
(720) 580-4923