Colorado Springs
Doug Weiss

Doug Weiss PhD

Doug Weiss, Ph.D., is a nationally known author, speaker and licensed psychologist. He is the executive director of Hear...
5080 Mark Dabling Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Afrah Caraballo

Afrah Caraballo LCSW

Afrah Caraballo is a LCSW who works with individuals struggling with trauma. She also works with families and couples an...
108 E Cheyenne Rd Ste. 200, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
(719) 205-1977
Katie Lemieux

Katie Lemieux LMFT

Katie Lemieux is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, expert couples counselor and coach specializing in affair and...
1881 N. University Drive Ste 210, Coral Springs, Florida, United States
(954) 401-9011
Vicki Ellis

Vicki Ellis MS, RP, MLC

Vicki Ellis earned her master’s degree in Biomedical Science studying Neurobiology. Through the Creating Balance Insti...
300 E. Boardwalk Drive, Ste. 4A Loft, Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S
Caralee Frederic

Caralee Frederic LCSW, CGT, CSAT

Caralee is a licensed and certified therapist specializing in couples counseling and couples workshops. As a Certified G...
7710 N. Union Blvd., Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO, U.S
Cody Mitts

Cody Mitts MA, NCC

Cody is the founder of Ipseity Counseling Clinic located in Denver, Colorado. His practice is focused on supporting coup...
6901 S. Pierce Street, Suite 235, Littleton, Colorado, United States
(720) 507-8170
Trey Cole

Dr. Trey Cole PsyD

Trey practices psychotherapy in his own counseling service Quandary Peak Counseling. He also teaches Counseling Psycholo...
1777 South Bellaire Street, Suite 450, Denver, Colorado, United States
Janelle Johnson

Janelle Johnson MA

Janelle is an experienced psychotherapist, she established Life Balance Counseling private practice in Aurora, Colorado ...
Life Balance Counseling, LLC 2323 S. Troy Street Building 5, Suite 256, Aurora, Colorado, U.S
Sybil Cummin

Sybil Cummin MA, LPC

Sybil Cummin, MA, LPC is a child and family therapist in Arvada, Colorado. Her passion is helping children and their pa...
Arvada Therapy Solutions, PLLC, 5460 Ward Rd. Suite 110, Arvada, Colorado, United States
Laura Michaels

Laura Michaels MA, JD

Laura Michaels is a mental health counselor in private practice in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in trauma, grief, l...
425 S. Cherry St, Suite 635, Denver, Colorado, United States
Ryan Swearingen

Ryan Swearingen LMHC

Ryan Swearingen is an LMHC practicing in Florida. He did his M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from New York. Ryan has be...
27499 Riverview Center Blvd, Suite 263, Bonita Springs, Florida, United States
Ron Mercer

Dr. Ron Mercer PhD, NCC, BCFE

Ron is an experienced psychotherapist who extends services to individuals, couples, groups and families. His area of spe...
Center for Creative Living 1750 N University Drive 201, Coral Springs, Florida , United States
(954) 755-8247
Faith Abraham

Dr. Faith Abraham PhD

Faith is a certified professional counselor. Her focus is centered on helping individuals, premarital couples, marriages...
Restoration Counseling Services (RCS) LLC, 1010 Huntcliff, Suite 1350, Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States
Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen PhD

Ben is a licensed psychologist, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. He has presented over 80 Getting The Love You Wa...
1634 Walnut Street, Suite 221, Boulder, Colorado, United States
Randy Compton

Randy Compton MA

Randy Compton is a somatic psychotherapist, trainer, coach, inventor and author. For over 25 years, he has trained teach...
1503 Yarmouth Ave. Suite A, Boulder, Colorado, United States
Nancy Wunderlich

Nancy Wunderlich BA, CMT

Nancy is an experienced registered psychotherapist. She works with various modalities which include individual counselin...
Soul Energy Healing, Niwot, Colorado , U.S
Lisa Templeton

Dr. Lisa Templeton PhD.

Dr. Lisa Templeton is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Denver/Boulder, Colorado. Lisa finished her Ph.D. ...
1006 Depot Hill Rd. Suites C, D,& E, Broomfield, CO, U.S
Alicia Lord

Alicia Lord MA

Alicia is a Play Therapist and Parenting Coach in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Alicia utilizes body-based, non-directive...
Bridge Center for Play Therapy, 825 South Broadway, Suite 50, Boulder, CO, U.S
(303) 499-0844 -703
Karen Fagan

Karen Fagan LPC

Karen Fagan lives in Denver, CO where she has maintained a thriving psychotherapy practice for more than 17 years. Her ...
2101 S. Blackhawk St. Suite 180, Aurora, Colorado, United States
Harmony Kwiker

Harmony Kwiker MA

Harmony Kwiker is a psychotherapist, author, and teacher who has been empowering people to live from their true self for...
Longmont, Longmont, Colorado, United States
Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose LPC, MA

Andrew Rose LPC and Sarah Rose LPC, EMDR Consultant offer couple therapy as a couple, using Tatkin's PACT model. They al...
3434 47th Street, Suite 130, Boulder, Colorado, United States
Kaley Chiles

Kaley Chiles MA, LPC

Kaley is a clinician specializing in trauma and addictions. She works with people struggling with addiction issues. S...

7710 North Union Blvd, Ste 100B, Colorado, United States
Susan Guthrie

Dr. Susan Guthrie PhD.

Susan has been a student of the mystery and science of psychology since she was seventeen years old. What interests a...

Susan Guthrie, Boulder, Colorado , United States