Tessa Burns Martin

Tessa Burns Martin BA, MC

Tessa Burns Martin is the owner of Serenity Now Wellness Center, in Calgary, Alberta. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in...
1934 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB, Canada
T2G 0V2
(403) 454-7600
Stephanie Robson

Stephanie Robson MSW, RSW

Stephanie has an experience of 15 years in counseling children and adults belonging to different age groups. She helps t...
Chadwick House 1842 14th Street, Calgary Southwest, Alberta, Canada
T2R 1J5
Eva L Shaw

Eva L Shaw PhD, RCC, DCC

Eva has an experience of over 25 years in clinical counseling and coaching. She helps people with problems such as anxie...
11810 Kingsway Avenue, Suite #40, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5G 0X5
Ashley Dreger

Ashley Dreger MACP

Ashley is a couple, family and child counselor who helps people deal with problems such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD...
26 Crystalridge Dr, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
T1S 1P4
(403) 390-6550
Sheldon Walker

Sheldon Walker MS

Sheldon is an experienced psychologist, marriage and family therapist. He uses talk therapy and deep listening to help p...
North Hill shopping center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2N 2P6
(403) 284-3200
Myron Duberry

Myron Duberry MA, BSc

Myron is a provisional registered psychotherapist who helps people suffering from problems such as anxiety, depression, ...
The Ferrance Group 6650 177 Street #225, Edmonton, Alberta , Canada
T5T 4J5
(780) 428-5433