Top Wedding Invitation Tips

Top Wedding Invitation Tips

Ask men about wedding preparations and they’ll probably look for the closest exit. Ask a woman the same question and she’ll start expounding on the subject for hours on end. And, as most conversations on this specific topic, wedding invitations issues often arise.

It’s a memorable event for anyone and most everyone is hoping for it to be singular and unique. The same applies to wedding invitations. Brides all around the world try their hardest to find that one design that screams “original” and they are often ready to spend hours and hours to achieve the desired effect.

However, as meticulous and involved as any bride could be in this regard, it is not uncommon for the results to be quite different from the original expectations and not in the best of ways. One essential aspect many seem to miss is that there are certain criteria that need to be taken into account before choosing a certain design. The “perfect wedding invitation” takes a lot more than a pretty design and a few well-chosen words.

First of all, think about what you’d desire to write on the invitation

What’s the tone and approach to your “message”? If you want to go with something slightly funny, an elegant design isn’t exactly complementary. If you prefer something classy, yet choose something bubbly and cute as an overall design, you will once again end up creating a discordant invitation. From the length of the text to the content itself, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want.

It is equally important for the content to be legible

It is great to play around with different font styles and sizes, but the end result should be easy to understand for the receivers. The text’s color should preferably create a contrast with the background color in order to achieve this effect. Therefore, pastels are lovely, but should not be printed on a similarly colored paper.

Colors make a difference

Overall, colors make for one of the essential criteria when it comes to an impressive wedding invitation. Too much or too little can make for a defining aspect for your invitation. Knowing the colors you will heavily rely on at the wedding itself is a great way to correlate your wedding invitation with the rest of the decorations. It is best that you ask someone for help if you know that you’re not a master in combining shades of pink with cream.

Colors make a difference

Size matters too!

As with most important things in life, size matters. A lot! And if you don’t want your wedding invitation to look artless make sure to choose the correct size. Fit the text to an invitation so that it won’t appear overcrowded. For those of you who prefer a lengthy text, small invitations will not be complementary in the slightest. However, you should remember that a wedding invitation is not meant to be the size of an A4 and it’s best to keep your writings within a decent limit.

Costs for wedding invitations vary widely

It would be best to consider your budget before deciding on certain things. Design, ink, typeface, printing process, paper and quantity can all heavily influence the end result, both in terms of aspect and finances. Hiring a calligrapher is also an additional cost that you should research before choosing this option. And if you can’t seem to decide on what to do, it is best to research beforehand and to clearly state your priorities. If you know that you can’t have them all, then pick whether a custom design or sophisticated printing is what you are most interested in.

The envelope

The final touch, as some might consider it, the envelope is just as important as the invitation itself. And one of the things that many brides do not take into account is that it should match the actual invitation in more than the complementary shade of beige or paper quality. When you hire a calligrapher to write your wedding invitations, don’t forget that having an entirely different font style or ink used on the actual envelopes can create quite the unpleasant inconsistency in the overall result.

Last but not least, every bride should consider being flexible as well as knowing her style. Whether it regards the price, the type of paper you want your wedding invitations to be written on or the number of persons they are intended for, a bride should remember to have a holistic and realistic view of the situation. It is great to know what you want and how you want it to be done, but it is also helps a lot to know the limits in which you can work for the results to be positive ones. And that applies to wedding preparations in general, not only to wedding invitations.

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