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  • Top 5 Sought After Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

    Honeymoon destinations for 2016

    Honeymoon gives the couple a chance to lessen the stress of wedding planning. What is your idea of holidaying? What appeals to you the most? Sightseeing in exotic destinations or relaxing on some faraway island with your spouse? Or are you both night owls who love to thrive in bright city lights and pub crawls? Whatever you enjoy, we’ve picked some of the best honeymoon destinations for you from around the work that you’ll love.

    #1 Most romantic: Paris, France

    What could be more romantic than a vacation in Paris? The city has always been synonymous with romance as it’s a perfect blend of architecture, art and entertainment. Paris offers plenty of excursions and delectable cuisine to influence your taste buds.

    Most romantic: Paris, France


    The city of lights has some of the most outstanding attractions that are worth exploring like Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dam Cathedral and Louvre. Newlyweds can cruise the River Seine by night, explore the beautiful grounds of Left Bank Luxembourg Garden and soothe their ears at Opera Garnier. Couples also have an option to stay in luxurious hotels and enjoy personal honeymoon suite.


    In short, Paris honeymoon packages gives honeymooners an easy option to all adventures and enjoy their once in a lifetime experience.  

    #2. Honeymooner’s heaven: New Zealand

    There is no better place on earth than New Zealand for newlyweds as it promises to make your vacation filled with endless memories. A honeymoon in New Zealand is surely a magical experience with so much to explore around – enjoy delicious food or indulge in thrilling outdoor adventures!

    Honeymooner’s heaven: New Zealand

    For the adventurous couple who love wildlife, Zealandia in Wellington can be an overwhelming experience where you can listen to a bird song concert. Stroll hand in hand on Auckland west coast and enjoy romantic sunsets with your loved one and get transformed into a different world . Apart from this, Queenstown is also one of the most romantic destinations of the area that is known for its amazing nightlife.


    From pristine beaches to picturesque landscapes, New Zealand has it all.

    #3. Exotic beach honeymoon: Maldives

    Maldives has always been on the list of favourite destinations for all honeymooners. Treat yourself to white sand and crystal clear beaches and private resorts.

    Exotic beach honeymoon: Maldives

    This place will give you a chance to fall in love all over again! The best season to visit Maldives starts from November to April.

    #4. Paradise on earth: Italy

    Another sought after destination for newlyweds is Italy – it will give you a chance to enjoy each other’s love like no other place. Explore cities like Venice, Rome and Tuscany to name a few.

    Paradise on earth: Italy

    Venice is known for famous gondola rides through Grand canal and you can also have a great shopping experience and enjoy a happening night-life. Rome, on the other hand, is famous for attractions like Roman Coliseum and Pantheon that will make you fall in love with the city’s Italian culture.

    #5. Winter getaway: Switzerland

    Lastly, honeymoons need not always be about white sand beaches or secluded islands. Winter getaways can also add precious memories and Switzerland is ideally the recommended destination to enjoy a snowy honeymoon.

    Winter getaway: Switzerland

    You can enjoy skiing, head towards Zurich and Klosters in the Graubunden area of the city. This place is best to visit during Spring time.


    From far flung locales to stunning beaches and budget-friendly options, these destinations are sure to appeal every type of honeymooner.

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