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  • Top 10 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Save You Money on Your Wedding

    Top 10 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Save You Money on Your Wedding

    Marriage: The most life-changing event you’ll ever experience.

    Wedding debt: A bad way to start your financial life together.

    At the same time, you want the event to be truly beautiful, something that will remain in the memories of your guests for years to come. Is there a compromise? Here are 10 tips that can help you to have it all!

    1. Be particular when making your guest list

    Although you’ll probably have to include a few “courtesy” invitations, try to limit your guest list to people who are really special to you and your finance. These will be the people who will form part of your extended circle of friends and family – ones that will continue to be important in your shared life together.

    You’ll be glad you chose a smaller, more intimate wedding with guests who truly love you and wish you well, rather than a random crowd of people, half of whom you barely know.

    2. Make your own invitations or get a great deal from a website

    Nowadays, you don’t really need professional printers to make beautiful wedding invitations. But if you want to order custom invitations, search for a great deal on a coupon sites like dontpayfull.com.

    Accept emailed RSVPs to save having to send out RSVP cards too. When you can, deliver invitations by hand, to save on postage. Place cards for the reception are also easily made at home, and they look just as professional as anything a printer could produce.

    3. Choose a cheap or free venue for the reception

    An ordinary venue can be turned into a beautiful fantasy one with the right décor and the help of a few friends. Garden weddings are lovely, but check the cost of a contingency plan such as a marquee if the weather might turn nasty on the day.

    Chances, are, you’ll be able to examine a greater variety of catering options with a cheap or free venue, and there are opportunities for big savings there too.

    4. Limit the free booze

    An unlimited bar can set you back a whole a lot! People who love and respect you won’t mind buying a few extra drinks for themselves if they really want them. You can provide a few basics: sparkling wine (instead of champagne), wines for the meal, and big jugs of juice and water.

    Limit the free booze

    5. Pick a Friday or a Sunday

    Saturdays are the most expensive days to get married! You can literally save thousands by picking a Friday or a Sunday. If you pick a Sunday, you can always try for one that is followed by a holiday. A Friday wedding would likely have to be a late afternoon or evening affair, but your guests will have the whole weekend to recover from the celebration.

    6. Get savvy with the wedding dress

    Yes, you want to look amazing, but price and elegance aren’t the same thing! From making your own dress to picking a second hand one, or simply buying and altering a white dress that doesn’t have the “wedding dress” label, you could save hundreds of dollars on that one item.

    7. Skip the favours or make them yourself

    It’s nice getting a special memento of a friend’s wedding, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you really like the idea of giving your guests something to remember your wedding, why not make something cute yourself? You’ll find hundreds of ideas on Pinterest!

    8. Let friends help out

    Friends are eager to help you to have a gorgeous wedding, and they may either have skills that could help you save (photography, DJ) or know someone who’ll give you a good price.

    9. Have your cake and eat it too (or not)

    A multi-tiered wedding cake is shockingly expensive. You can easily fake a cake with a small “real cake” layer atop tiers of “fake cake”. Behind the scenes, a slab cake waits to be cut up and served. You could even consider skipping cake altogether, and just offering a nice dessert.

    10. Flowers, flowers

    Keep flower arrangements simple and elegant, and use your church flowers for the main table. With the exception of the bride’s bouquet, you could even skip flowers altogether. After all, there are many other ways to make a table look great.  

    Remember what it’s really all about

    Your wedding is about you and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s absolutely something to celebrate, but it doesn’t have to be five-star to be beautiful. The most beautiful thing about your wedding is your love for each other. Keep it strong!

    Irina Vasilescu
    Irina Vasilescu is a money-saving enthusiast! I “love saving, I enjoy frugal organization tips and I like challenges. I love reading books and writing about how to help people get out of financial difficulties.” she says. Her favorite quote is: “Save money and money will save you”. You can reach her at: [email protected]

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