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  • Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Primer - Reasons for Picking Las Vegas as Wedding Chapel

    Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Primer – Reasons for Picking Las Vegas as Wedding Chapel

    Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Primer - Reasons for Picking Las Vegas as Wedding Chapel

    A ceremony in the ubiquitous wedding chapel Las Vegas is sure to be very much out of the ordinary and unique from what other destinations can offer. For starters, Sin City is the King of themed weddings. Couples can get hitched up in ceremonies that can have themes varying from Elvis to Hollywood blockbusters.

    Wedding Magnet

    Vegas is a magnet for destination weddings, and that’s not just on account of the huge resorts or ballrooms that are available for receptions and parties. A large number of chapels is only matched by the readiness of each one to offer a couple anything they want. So couples that decide to get married at the last minute can stream ceremonies on the internet live, and invite family and friends anywhere in the world to participate.

    The city is also very cheap for functions because everything here works on volume sales. A resort with thousands of rooms will offer shockingly low group rates for the entire entourage, in addition to cheap catering and other facilities that are available in-house. Most resorts will also throw in a wedding planner for free if the couple needs any assistance.

    Uncommon Wedding

    If it’s possible, the chapels go even farther. A themed ceremony can be a spectacle, with a Hollywood style stage in a tropical setting and Hula girls dancing while Elvis sings a Hawaiian wedding song. Throw in the internet live broadcast and the Priest in an Elvis costume, and it’s definitely one of the more surreal experiences anyone will ever witness in a lifetime.

    They’ll even offer a Pink Cadillac in which the couple rolls in. Or the chapel can arrange for a limousine and bachelor parties, both of which Vegas is quite good at anyway. Some will even organize helicopter ceremonies above the Vegas Strip or the Grand Canyon.

     A themed ceremony can be a spectacle

    Is Vegas Marriage Legit?

    The marriage license requirements too are lax, with no waiting or blood tests required. All it needs is a photo ID and a small marriage license fee. The limo can pick up couples at the hotel, take them to the courthouse for the license and then bring them over to the chapel.

    In summary, a couple thinking about hitching up will find it hard not to trip over the ubiquitous wedding chapel Las Vegas has on every corner. According to a recent study, there are apparently as many Subway fast-food outlets as there are chapels in Sin City. Getting married here is a good deal – it’s cheap, fast and easy, and surely a lot more memorable and thrilling than at any other destination in America.

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