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Post-Wedding Checklist

Post-Wedding Checklist

Engaged couples and wedding planners tend to get extremely busy while planning the wedding and the events leading up to it. It’s all too easy to forget about planning for the moments that follow the wedding — such as what happens to the cake, your bouquet, your wedding website, etc. If you’re currently amid a busy wedding-planning season, be sure to still take time to think about what will happen in the days immediately following your big day. By arranging now for a dozen or so tasks to be completed after your celebration is over, you’ll potentially reduce stress and stay better organized.

What needs to go on a good post-wedding checklist? Here’s a look at a few key tasks:

1. Preserving mementos

When your wedding day is over, all that’s left is the memories. Make sure you have plenty of mementos to bring back nostalgia by planning now to preserve your treasures. Arrange for someone to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake, store your bouquet and preserve your gown. Then, years later, you’ll have these beautiful reminders of your big day.

2. Arranging an album

While it’s your photographer’s job to capture memories on your wedding day, it will probably be up to you to select which photos go in an album. Plan for time after the wedding to go through photographs and pick favorites, so you can design the album you’ll love flipping through for decades.

3. Changing your name

If you are taking your new spouse’s last name, you’ll have several steps to go through to make it official. Set aside time to update your Social Security card, driver’s license, bank accounts, employment records, voter registration, etc.

4. Thanking friends and family

It takes a lot of people to make a successful wedding day, and, once the day is done, you’ll want to thank all the people who made your wedding possible. Write notes thanking members of your bridal party, family members who helped with various tasks, guests who brought gifts, etc. Likewise, take time to honor the vendors who made your day possible by posting positive reviews for caterers, photographers, florists, makeup artists and anyone else involved.

5. Removing your website

If you had a wedding website set up, you can feel free to either take it down completely or update it with a few selected photos from the big day.

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