How to Choose a Wedding Venue

How to choose a wedding venue

The two of you just got engaged, and that is exciting news! You may have parties with family and friends to celebrate so once everything has settled down a little, you can focus on planning an ideal wedding with details both of you can agree on. The first thing you would need to do would be to pick out a wedding venue.

Some venues usually book six months to a year in advance before your big day, so it is time to get the ball rolling and decide where to have it at. You have to set your wedding date, you need to determine the size of your wedding, the budget, and whether to have a formal or casual event. Here are some things to consider:

Setting your wedding date

The first step is setting your wedding date. You will not be able to select a location until you have set the date. Some venues may not have the date available, so you have to keep looking until you find one that does. Or you may like the location so much that the two of you are willing to change the date to meet the needs of your chosen location.

The size of your wedding

The next step is to determine the amount of people you will be inviting. This is very important because some places may only take fifty people while others may accept as many as three or four hundred people. You need to estimate the amount of people you think will show up.

The budget

Another important thing to look at is the amount of money the two of you and your families are willing to spend. It is important to understand that each person that comes to your wedding costs money. The more people you invite; the more money it will cost. When you are looking at venues, keep the cost in mind and ways to save money. Some wedding spots may have specials going on that you would want to ask about. You also have to think about the reception and whether the venue you choose will accommodate your guests after the wedding. If so, that will be an additional cost.

Formal or casual

The final step is to decide whether or not your wedding will be formal or informal event. This will also make choosing a place for your wedding an easy task. You may decide to have your wedding in a ballroom where your guests will have to wear tuxedos and dresses. Or you may decide to have it on the beach where your guests can wear beach attire.

Deciding whether or not to have it indoors or outdoors is an important factor when choosing a location. Some people also have themed weddings and guests will be instructed on what to wear. If you wish to have such a wedding, then you may want to ask if the location can accommodate your specific requirements.

Choosing a wedding venue takes a lot of planning. There are several things that go into this; such as setting your wedding date, determining the size of your wedding, budget, and whether or not to go formal. Keep these factors in mind before selecting the final location.


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