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  • X’mas Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend

    X'mas Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend

    The Christmas gifts for your beloved girlfriend or wife always need to be special. Treating your other half with some ordinary, every-day present is simply wrong, and she will probably either not like it or completely fake that she likes it.

    The key lies in creativity and not in the amount money spent. If you are creative enough to come up with an original present, you will not have to worry about her liking it, because women are always amazed not by the present itself but by your effort to find and give that present to her.

    Morse code necklace

    If you decide to get your wife or girlfriend, make sure that it has some extraordinary features. You can always choose a piece of jewelry that is connected to a movie or a show that she likes, but after all, we all want a universal necklace or bracelet that all women will appreciate.

    Morse code necklace is the closest it gets. Spell out “love“ and her name in Morse code and let her guess what the necklace means. Once she finds out, she will be thankful for your effort and creativity.


    Every woman likes a good massage and, luckily for you, there are several types of massagers which can replace you in replacing woman’s back or any other part of her body.

    The most popular one is the neck massager which is placed around her neck and which gently vibrates. Apart from it, there are also heated back massagers, foot massagers and massage cushions. The best part about them – you can use them as well, whenever you feel tense.

    365 Note Jar

    This type of present is particularly effective when you are in a new relationship and where romantic feelings are very strong. Make 365 short notes about your love towards your other half and pack them all in a jar. When giving the present to her, tell her to take out one note each morning for a year.

    This is one of those gifts where you need a lot of inspiration and no money at all. Make sure to write notes which are personal to the two of you but which also express your love towards her in a unique way.

    A book of recipes

    If you are a couple which enjoys cooking and there is a particular country’s cuisine which you like to explore, a book of recipes from that country would be an ideal gift.

    In order to express your love for your woman, the great idea would be to actually pick a dish and secretly prepare it for Christmas before giving the book as a present. This way you will add a romantic aspect to your gift.

    Portable Battery Charger

    This is not a gift that we like but the one that all of us desperately need. In the era of smartphones, battery can die within a couple of hours if used constantly and that’s why we need those chargers.

    The best thing about them is that they have become a piece of jewelry which we can carry around on our key chain or as a part of our wallet. They come in different designs and colors, and it is up to you to choose which one will suit her best.

    X'mas Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend

    Knit winter clothes

    Knitwear popularity rises before Christmas and due to the latest fashion trends, you cannot go wrong if you choose a knit sweater. It is up to you to decide whether you want a stylish one with modern design or a cute one with Santas and reindeer all over it.

    Apart from the sweater you can also try Christmassy knit socks or a knit scarf.

    LED Jump Rope

    LED Jump Rope is something very original – it combines art with exercise. This rope can glow in different colors and it is especially interesting to jump over it in the dark. The great piece of advice – buy two of these if it is your choice for a Christmas present so that both of you can have fun and exercise at the same time.

    Self-installing car seat for moms

    If you have young kids, this is one of the best things that a mother can get as a present. It will ease your life a lot as well. You can say goodbye to all that annoying fastening and attaching of an ordinary kid seat. This one is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and all you have to do is click a few buttons to get it just right

    Coffee Brewer

    If you and your wife or girlfriend are coffee lovers, you need not spend hundreds of dollars in Starbucks when you can have your own professional coffee brewer. There are all kinds of brewers – espresso makers, cappuccino makers, etc.

    A very interesting type of this product is called Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer and it completely automatizes the process of coffee creation – all you need to do is insert coffee beans and set it up.

    BAC-tester keychain

    We all like to have a glass or two of wine, and sometimes it happens while we drive. Christmas is the time of celebration and alcohol consumption. Therefore, a BAC-tester keychain will be a perfect gift for your loved-one which can perhaps save their life.

    To sum up, do not try to impress your wife of girlfriend with gifts that cost a fortune. Christmas is the time of giving ourselves completely to the ones we love and the best way to do that is put all our energy in a gift that will perfectly express how much we care for her.

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