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    Online vs Offline- Which Is the Best Method to Find a Partner?

    Online vs Offline Dating

    Finding love in this developed society has become easier and more convenient, whether you are into internet dating, social dating, or connected with people through work, family, and friends. Singles have so many options in finding partners in this digital age.

    We all heard about this famous debate about which is the best method for dating. Is online dating the best way to find the person you want to marry or is it through offline dating?

    Dating experts can’t seem to actually answer all these questions directly. The reason behind this is that there is no perfect formula that could address that.

    Every person has their own personalities, preferences, and relationship goals which means there is no one right method for everyone. It is important to know that every dating method has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the person which method works best for them.

    Online Dating


    1. Millions of people have already joined online dating. It means you are not alone and you have a higher chance of getting the right person for you wherever they are located in the world.  

    2. There are a lot of people who got success in finding their right match through online dating and ended up marrying their match.

    3. Every online dating website has its own unique features to help you out in finding your right match.

    4. It gives you a chance to overcome the awkwardness of traditional dating. You can be as confident as you want since you are just talking on the screen.

    5. You have the convenience to easily connect with people 24/7 on your devices wherever you are. This is a great advantage for those people who have busy schedules with no time to date.


    1. Others become addicted to online dating, they never take their relationship to another level.

    2. People can easily lie on their dating profiles.

    3. It is quite hard to find someone who likes you back and is sincere in dating you.

    4. You will get picky. Many users limit their preferences that increase their chances of missing compatible matches.

    5. It might cost you some money in finding your ideal match as other dating websites requires a payment that would give you access to advanced features that you can use.

    Online Dating

    Offline Dating:


    1. You can easily check if the person likes you and if you have that chemistry going on between you.

    2. In offline dating, you may likely to have mutual friends which will make you more comfortable with their recommendations.

    3. It gives you the opportunity to know the person first by not judging them on who they are based on their profiles on the internet.

    4. You will overcome the anxiety of dating in groups and meeting other people with the same interests.

    5. You can have the confidence to meet other people during dating events.


    1. You will experience awkwardness when attempting to talk to someone and rejection is much more painful in person.

    2. You meet a few people since you are limited to your social circles.

    3. You will have no idea about the person before a date when you will not make a research first about their interests and goals while online dating will give you a person that matches your own profile.

    4. You are only limited to a certain geographic area.

    5. It is very hard to tell if someone is building a romantic relationship with your or just making friends.

    Offline dating works better for extroverts who are very sociable and have a lot of connections. While online dating will give chance to introverted people to approach anyone without the fear of socializing. Usually, the best results come from the combination of the two.

    Many people are finding a romantic relationship online but it is also important to take the relationship offline. You may plan a romantic date so you can both spend time together alone. It is very different if you make a connection in real life because you will know and understand the person you are dating.

    Jane Song is a freelance writer at TrulyFilipina, a Filipino dating site. She graduated with a Degree in Marketing but her interests in writing about love and relationships never faded. She continues to write in the hopes of inspiring people. She believes that everything and everyone just needs a little bit love.
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