What to do when your husband loves Donald Trump… and you don’t?

donald trump

It’s that time again. Time for friends to stop speaking, spouses to become divided and Facebook to become a minefield; it’s election season in America! The candidate pool for 2016 is just as polarizing as ever, especially the GOP nominees.

Probably the biggest sideshow since Schwarzenegger ran for governor is Right Wing nominee: Donald Trump. Trump has been using shock tactics and fairly extreme ideas to draw attention. Unfortunately, it appears to be working. He is getting a whole lot of support. What do you do if your husband wants to rally behind Trump, but you can’t stand the sight of the man? Things may get a little sticky.

Here’s what you can do if your husband supports trump:  

1. Ignore him:

You are still individuals with separate minds. You’re both allowed to have opinions no matter how off the wall they may be. Trump has been revealing himself to be in the race for entertainment purposes only. Just ride this out until he is exposed and in the meantime, ignore your poor, gullible husband.

2. Take this as a learning experience:

Trump has been nailed for being a racist, a misogynist and a complete charlatan. I won’t comment one way or the other, but his image needs some Tender Loving Care (TLC). Listen to your husband’s reasons for supporting this guy. He may only be throwing his weight behind Trump because he is a celebrity, because he is a businessman, or maybe he just doesn’t care for the other candidates.

3. Don’t be an annoying nag:

Just don’t be an annoying nag! Approach this method gently and coolly. Start by bringing up Rand Paul’s tax plan, Ben Carson wanting to overturn Common Core, or Bernie Sanders ideas to erase gender inequality. No matter what your political leanings, remember that any candidate is a better choice than Trump… yes, even Chris Christie.

4. Cancel cable and internet service:

I’m partially kidding on this one, but limiting the exposure to the campaign may help. The excitement has a chance to cool off when things aren’t so in your face. Afterwards he may think more rationally.

5. Don’t let it affect your marriage
There are reports that wives are threatening to divorce their husbands if they vote for Donald Trump. Why should this be? Countless other politicians have had a similar or much worse character than Trump. Don’t attach all that stigma and shame to his supporters. Remember, your husband is entitled to his opinion as much as you are. Use this as an opportunity to learn something new and question your own beliefs, in a healthy way.

What Trump has going for him is the fact that he says what others wouldn’t dare say is entertaining. These factors are whipping parts of the American public into a frenzy. If your husband has been swept up in the pageantry, be patient with him. When the novelty wears off, rational people come to their senses. Just rock your candidate’s bumper sticker on your own until he comes around.

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