Top 15 Most Spooky Halloween Dinner Ideas

Top 15 Most Spooky Halloween Dinner Ideas

You have already sent out your haunting and scary Halloween party invites, your haunting costume is nearly complete, and your mysterious table settings are planned out to the very last scary detail. Now all you need to really freak out your guests with are some terrifying food recipes, like the famous human-torso appetizer platters, meat heads, and witch fingers. Get ready for some seriously mysterious and scary Halloween foods that’ll have you doing a double-take.

1. Ghoul crackers + Bean dip

This is one of the scariest and most mysterious Halloween dinner foods you can ever have on your table. This will make your guests go nuts. It is going to scare the heck out of them. It is also very easy to prepare and serve.

2. Ghost cookies

This is definitely one of the scariest and mysterious Halloween dinner foods you can ever have on your table. This will turn your kids and guest upside down. It is going to scare the heck out of them. It is also very easy to prepare and serve.

Ghost cookies

3. Mummy mix

You can look this up online. The mummy mix is a combination of licorice, chocolate beets and sausage wrapped in a white “mummy” costume.  This is quite thrilling and exciting to serve to your kids and guests.

4. Gruesome monster toes

These toes are creepy and fun to make. You will derive your joy in it as you see your guests getting thrilled and scared by the dinner food. It is made of gumdrops sliced into half for the toenails. It is extremely spooky and creepy.

5. Mummy brie

Thanks to puff pastry, your basic baked brie becomes a totally frightening Halloween appetizer. It showcases a brie getting it wrapped in a mummy costume and also served with jelly and crunchy biscuits.

6. Green monster shot

This spooky dinner recipe calls for real octopus (or go for squid) to take a dunk in a homemade green tomatillo bloody Mary shooter. Spicy, delicious… and creepy crawly! Your guests will get freaked out at the first sight itself.

7. Cheese pumpkins

Traditional cheese balls have nothing on these festive  Halloween little pumpkins that are packed with savoury flavour, featuring a blend of Cheddar, cream cheese, garlic salt and dry mustard. This is really spooky and might make you go nuts. As it is known that cheese pumpkins are quite the best in every Halloween, this will spice up your dinner table

Cheese pumpkins

8. Pumpkin patch bites

These snacks are perfect for any autumn-themed gathering, and don’t take much to get made. Black Forest ham and extra-sharp Cheddar are layered between the pumpkin-shaped ready-made pie crusts, which are baked until they turn gold.

9. Jack-o’-lantern pot pies

This can be considered frightfully-tasty main course for Halloween, this sweet potato dish is also a comforting choice throughout wintertime. Serve it as one big pie with uncut puff pastry on top. You have to bake it till it turns gold.

10. Chicken potpie with crawling hands

With less than $3 you can make this savoury pot pie is packed with veggies and protein to keep your little ghost or goblin well-nourished for the night ahead. The hand should be baked to your preferences.

11. Saucy spider

If you want to get your guests and kids spooky and frightened  by your dinner, you can prepare the simple and cost efficient Saucy Spider. Spin a web of doughy deliciousness with this party-perfect Halloween appetizer. If you can’t find pizza bread at your local supermarket, try a local pizza parlour, which will likely sell you a fresh ball. Sprinkle the legs with poppy seeds, in addition to Parmesan.

12. Blood drip cupcakes

The best way to channel your vampire hanger is to make these cupcakes. They are with some whip cream and the slight red ketchup for the dripping blood. This is truly spooky and amazing.

Blood drip cupcakes

13. Mummy meat loaves

There are sweet and delicious cherry tomatoes that are hidden in the center of these mini-meat loaves, offering a welcome burst of juicy flavour and enlightening aroma when you take a bite. It is for Post Halloween, you have to keep the recipes in rotation by piping the mashed potatoes as you would cupcake frosting.

14. Snakes and soup

You can surprise your guests with a first course featuring a wriggling reptile breadstick garnish. The snake itself looks like it is gliding across a glass bowl of tomato soup; this is as delicious as much as it looks creepy.

15. Spider web pizza

Spiders are commonly used in Halloween, they are used in making Halloween foods, Halloween costumes and all other things. You can spice up your Halloween experience with this super-simple pizzas made with pre-baked crust, pizza sauce, strategically placed string cheese and a black olive spider. With less than $10 and 20 minutes, you can prepare this amazing yet spooky Halloween dinner.

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