Top 10 Things To do on Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Things To Do On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has long become a romantic event celebrated all around the world. You could probably go to the farthest and most remote corner on this planet and people would still know what this day is all about. For one of the most popular holidays at present, Valentine’s day has become fodder for most companies and media outlets on the globe. It’s to be expected then, that people have quickly run out of ideas when it comes to choosing how to spend this special day with a loved one.

  1. A surprise party: in two. Whether you’d like to prepare a special candle-lit dinner or you want to pop out from behind a door wearing something titillating, surprise events at home will always remain a classic and successful way of spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Just make sure to have the house all to yourselves before undergoing any preparations.
  2. Revisiting old places: Although it might be too corny for some people, revisiting all the places around town that you and your partner hold dear or share a romantic memory of is a great option. Take a camera with you and take some old-fashioned photos for you to frame or collect in an album at the end of the day.
  3. Book a trip to somewhere special: There’s no better excuse to spend the weekend away from home than Valentine’s Day! If Christmas or Thanksgiving is all about sharing time with your family, Valentine’s is all about couple alone time. And with so many exciting destinations to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong.
  4. Try something you’ve never done before: You could go scuba diving or simply go to a thematic restaurant you’ve never gone to until now. As long as you pick something new and surprising it’s rather hard to fail with this concept in mind.
  5. Organize a scavenger hunt: Take the day off and organize a scavenger hunt around the house for your partner. If you’re both working on Valentine’s Day, this could be a fun and heart-warming way to spend the rest of the evening. You could use notes with sweet nothings and clues written on them to lead your partner towards the grand prize. And, that, of course, remains for you to decide what it will be.
  6. Show up at your partner’s workplace with a gift: Dress to the nines and bring something that you know your loved one has been looking forward to receiving. For women even a big bouquet of flowers is enough. The act itself will be the highlight of the day. As for men, there’s always some new gadget they can’t wait to get their hands on.Show up at your partner’s workplace with a gift
  7. Turn up late in the evening: Make up an excuse for not being able to meet up that day and turn up late in the evening. Make sure to keep the entire thing low key, don’t send messages or phone throughout the day after informing your partner that something urgent has come up. By this point, the excitement of actually getting to see you will greatly overcome anything you could have bought for the occasion.
  8. Bring in the entertainment!: Everyone loves a good show and being in the center of attention during such a show is what many dream about. Hire a band of musicians and serenade her wits away. Her neighbors will probably hate you, but she’ll surely remember the occasion. As for men, there’s always something they’ve been fantasizing about that you could recreate in real life.
  9. Talk about positive aspects of your relationship: If you’re both too tired to go out or to do anything extraordinary, write a list with all the reasons you’ve fallen in love with your partner and tell it to her or him. Focus on what you love about your valentine and spend the rest of the day talking about positive aspects of your relationship. Sometimes small but touching things are the most heartwarming gift.
  10. Share your love with the less fortunate: There’s no better occasion than a day that celebrates love to show selflessness and care towards others. There are so many charity events you can participate in that it’s quite hard to miss this chance. Take your special someone and go to some place where you can share your love with the less fortunate. If you do not have such an opportunity at hand, you can organize something yourself. It doesn’t have to be grand or extremely costly. It can just as well be a trip to the nearest orphanage. Buy a few toys or rummage through the attic for some of your own and donate them. Grab some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore or some food and give them to the needy or to homeless people. Seeing someone smile and feeling thankful for something that you’ve done is special in its own way.
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