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    5 Tips to Replenish the Romantic Quotient in Your Relationship

    5 Tips to Replenish the Romantic Quotient in Your Relationship

    It’s a Friday night. The kids are running around the house playing tag while waiting for the pizza delivery guy to arrive with their extra cheesy pepperoni pizza. Your husband is in the bedroom changing into his weekend sweats and T-shirt after a long day at the office. You take a moment to sit down, your thoughts wander to the Friday nights of the past. A smile slowly spreads across your face as you remember dining out and talking to your husband until the sun came up. It warms you to your core and you think- I want that again.

    Rekindling the romance in your relationship can be accomplished with a little effort. How can we do this after years together and children changing our family dynamics? Here are five ways to easily put the romance back into your relationship:

    1. Make every Friday night date night

    It can be as simple as dinner and a movie.  Hire a babysitter or ask a family member or friend to help watch your children. Offer the same in return. You’d be surprised at how fast help arrives when you’re willing to reciprocate. If you feel comfortable with the person watching your children, on occasion, ask if the children can stay the night. If so, your evening out can be followed by more in-depth intimacy when you get home.

    2. Do unexpected chores around the house

    Very romantic I know, but seriously there’s nothing more romantic than someone who cleans all the dishes after dinner as you’re putting the kids to bed. It’s about them showing us, I appreciate you, I respect your time and I value the way you take care of our family. It may seem small to some people but it’s a huge loving gesture. Nothing makes a person happier than the one they love taking time to help them around the house.  

    3. Go back to the place you had your first date

    If that’s not possible re-create it. As our relationships progress, we sometimes forget where the roots of our love began. Returning to or re-creating the first place we fell in love with one another reminds us of those first amazing feelings. Remember the butterflies?  

    Go back to the place you had your first date

    4. Plan a special evening or day together as a surprise

    Check the family calendar to make sure you’re good to go and plan away. If your significant other does not like surprises, plan it together. Pick an evening or day and make it special. This is not like date night, this is a day in wine country, a night at a Broadway show, a day at the rodeo, an overnight spa trip, a day at your local flea market exploring. This is a special time for the two of you to slow down and enjoy extended time together. Put the phones away and take time to focus on one another.

    5. Hold hands, hug one another, snuggle in bed

    Intimate touch is proven to increase endorphins creating happiness and harmony. Even if we are dead tired at the end of the day, make time for an embrace and breathe deeply. In that embrace notice your emotions change, stress releases from your body and you begin to relax. He’s your home, your safe place. As you both continue to breathe deep you become one and recreate that amazing intimate bond rekindling feelings of romance and deep love.  

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