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    Tips On How to Thank Your Spouse


    When in a committed relationship, it’s easy to fall into bad habits such as not showing appreciation or thanking your partner enough. Since marriage allows us to become comfortable with our loved one, we tend to forget how truly “big” the “little” things our significant other does for us really are. For instance, filling the gas tank, making the bed, taking out the dog or preparing breakfast – doing these little things goes a long way in nourishing relationships.

    These types of small gestures oftentimes go by unnoticed or partners may assume that is a duty of the other to so in a marriage. But appreciation is very important in a marriage or else either partner may start to feel that the other is taking him/ her for granted.

    To ensure that your spouse is aware of your appreciation, we offer the following five suggestions:

    1. Acknowledge the kind gestures made by your spouse – Inform your spouse of the ways in which he, or she, makes your life easier. Perhaps write down a list of things you are grateful for in your spouse or write a poem indicating such factors. By whatever means necessary, ensure that your spouse is aware that you acknowledge of his or her hard doings.

    2. Show your spouse your appreciation for them – Don’t only speak of your appreciation but allow it to be shown. This can be done by occasionally going out of your way to make your spouse smile. Perhaps by buying your spouse his or her favorite box of chocolates or offering a warm oil massage before bed.

    3. Remind them how thankful you are for the many helpful ways they make your life easier – Be specific when informing your spouse of how they make your life easier. For instance, tell him, or her, things like; “Thank you for making the coffee today, it makes my morning go by much smoother when you do” or “I can’t thank you enough when you help with the dishes after dinner, it allows me to rest after standing in the kitchen for so long.” This way, your spouse can relate to how his, or her, small gestures are helpful in your life.

    4. Speak proudly of your spouse when others are around – This shows them that you are thankful to have them in your life and helps to build confidence in the marriage. By sharing with other loved ones how happy your spouse makes you, he or she is more likely to feel appreciated and in return will continue doing these things that make you feel so happy.

    5. Plan a surprise occasion – For those spouses who have gone above and beyond to make your life easier and happier, we suggest planning a surprise occasion designed specifically for thanking your spouse for all that they do. Maybe go away for the day or the weekend to his/ her favorite spot and relax and unwind while spoiling your spouse simply for being the most amazing person in the world.

    As a married couple, it is easy to fall into the “same old routine” which can result in the feeling of boredom or disconnect. To ensure that your marriage stays full of life and that your partner feels wanted and desired, consider the above suggestions.

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