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  • Tips on Dating in the Workplace

    Can You Get Fired for Dating Your Colleague? Tips on Dating in the Workplace

    Tips on Dating in the Workplace

    Have you ever had a moment at the fax machine? Cupid shooting it’s arrow in the workplace may not be ideal for many supervisors or managers, but when you spend so much time at the office; sometimes that one colleague walks by, your heart starts to flutter, you get butterflies in your stomach or you just feel like you are in magical bliss and you can’t resist asking him/her out on a date. Dating in office is not recommended but can be successful, just avoid using the workplace as if its a dating app, nightclub or hook up the lounge. You don’t want to be known as the pass around person in the office. Here are list of tips on dating in the workplace:

    1. Go through your employee handbook

    Find out if the company you work for has any dating in the workplace policies in place.

    2. Don’t reveal your relationship on social media sites

    Do not post pictures or information on any social media outlets broadcasting your relationship.

    3. Avoid displaying any physical affection in front of coworkers

    This includes kissing, hugging, holding hands, long gazes at each other. Avoid this not only in the workplace but social work events, parties and happy hours with colleagues.

    Avoid displaying any physical affection in front of coworkers

    4. Don’t become a jealous co-worker

    Avoid snooping around corners, lurking, asking overbearing questions about discussions had with others in the workplace and don’t question every meeting he/she goes to.

    5. Don’t discuss your relationship in the workplace

    Keep your business as private as possible. If your boss ask you “Are you dating? ” be honest.

    6.  No e-mailing using company computers or phones 

    Save the personal corresponding, romantic text, and mushy notes for your private time and personal equipment. Companies have full access to read all messages sent using companies equipment.

    7. Discuss a dating strategy

    Have a discussion with your partner about how you both want to handle the relationship in the workplace, as well as a good exit strategy if it doesn’t work out.

    8. If it’s your boss, don’t date

    Your career comes first and this will put both of you in a (Fireable) position and things like “sexual harassment” is very easy to claim. Polices are becoming more strict with the Me Too movement in place. If you feel like this person is your soulmate considering finding a new place of employment before you start a relationship.

    If you are willing to engage in an office romance, keep these tips on dating handy and you should be good to go.

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