Things to Consider For an Early Marriage

Things to consider for an early marriageMost people tend to be apprehensive about getting married young. Marriage is a bond that requires patience and maturity which generally comes with age. But there are some who feel they are ready for the sacrament of matrimony, despite of being in their early 20’s and there is nothing wrong with that. For most, age and maturity are intertwined, rising age paves way for wisdom. But not for all, some mature faster than others.

If your and your partner’s age is less than the conventional marriageable age and you are convinced to walk down the aisle then you must consider a few things. The challenges associated with getting married young are far more complicated than getting married at a conventional age. You and your partner will have to be really mature, perhaps a lot more than what your age requires you to be.

How do you know if you are mature enough to get married?

There are no set rules or parameters to measure a person’s maturity. But if you are young and are wondering if you are mature enough to get married, you should ask yourself these questions-

Are you prepared to deal with financial hardships?

Getting married young means you will rarely have enough funds to support all your family needs like a house, furniture, crockery and many more things. You will have to be prepared to lead your early married life in a cramped apartment with inexpensive secondhand furniture. You might also have to take a loan to support your lifestyle.

Are you ready to support each other?

Not everyone is done with their education in their early 20’s. One of you may have aspirations for a career which requires higher education. In that case the other will have to take all the responsibilities during that time.

Do you realize that you both will change over time?

Change is inevitable. People change over time and so will you and your partner.  20’s especially, is a phase of life where people evolve the most. You and your partner might change together to remain as compatible as you are now. But there is also a chance that you outgrow each other. You will have to be prepared for that change.

Are you ready to face opposition from your family?

Your and your partner’s family might not be too keen to see you two get married so soon. Seeing their children get married so young will not be appeasing for sure. They might even oppose your decision to get married.

After considering these questions if you and your partner feel that you two are up for all the challenges, then you should definitely get married. Sure your marriage will need a lot of hard work but which marriage doesn’t.

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