Special Ways to Celebrate Halloween With Your Spouse

Special ways to celebrate Halloween with your spouse

Halloween is one of the most underrated holidays ever. Mostly people think this holiday is meant only for children and therefore don’t give much thought into celebrating it. But what they don’t realize is that Halloween can be really fun, especially for married and cohabiting couples. This is the only holiday where people don’t have to travel and deal with their relatives. For those couples who have children, Halloween is the best time to get some time off from parenting duties. While their kids go trick or treating, they can have a romantic date night.

Here are some fun ideas to make your and your partner’s Halloween special:

1. Watching a horror movie together

What is more exciting than clutching to your partner and watching a scary horror movie? It is scientifically proven that watching a horror movie is exhilarating and creates a feeling of arousal. This happens because our brain releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine in our bodies when we get scared. Be it the theaters or your bedroom, watching a horror movie with your partner can be really set a romantic mood and can make your Halloween very special.

2. Dressing up and role-playing

Halloween is the one day in a year when you can wear crazy outfits and not be judged for it. You can dress like the superhero or the sexy actress that your partner finds very attractive. Or you could fulfill your partner’s fantasy by dressing up and indulging in some exciting role play.

3. Go to local haunted places

Every neighborhood has some creepy locations which are rumored to have ghosts and paranormal activities. Visiting these so-called haunted places is surely going to be thrilling. You and your partner can try exploring these locations on Halloween’s night.

4. Buy candies for each other

No Halloween is complete without candy. You can pick out exquisite confectioneries and candies for each other. Munch on the candies on Halloween and enjoy the sugar rush to your heart’s content!

5. Give each other presents

Halloween can be another occasion to give each other presents, but with a twist. You can give your partner spooky gifts or play pranks on them and freak them out. Sure it will not be as romantic as Valentine’s day but you can definitely create some fun memories which you both can cherish later in life. But make sure you don’t go too far with the gifts and the pranks, you don’t want to sleep on the couch alone on Halloween’s night!

6. Have a spooky romantic dinner

You can have a romantic dinner with Halloween’s special menu. There are plenty of interesting cooking ideas for Halloween special meals over the internet. You can also go to a restaurant or order food to your place. Make sure you have bloody-red wine on the menu!

7. Decorate your house and scare neighborhood kids

On Halloween’s night, a lot of children are going to come to your doorstep for treats. Well, you can have some fun with them. You and your partner can decorate your home with scary props, wear creepy costumes and play pranks on them. This is a great way to have fun on Halloweens! But again make sure you don’t go too far, you don’t want to make kids cry and hear their parents complain.

These ideas are definitely going to make your Halloween very interesting.
Have a fun and romantic Halloween!

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