Schools could be Made to Teach Pupils about Same-Sex Marriage

Teach students about marriage equality

The largest American LGBT organization and teacher’s union want the instructors talk to their students about same-sex marriage and other gender issues openly. Both the public and private schools are making an effort for anti-bias curriculum in classrooms. From the preschool to the high school level, students and teachers are talking about it. And why not? Even the Section 403(1A)(a) of the Education Act orders the Secretary of State to allow the students learn the nature of marriage as a part of sex education.


It has been noticed that many schools are still very hostile towards lesbian and gay students and teachers. Same sex marriage is still a very controversial subject to discuss despite being legally approved.   

Altering parental values

In Massachusetts, gay marriage was briefly legalized in 2004 followed by a state court ruling. When a teacher, in a second grade, used the King & King story in 2006 – which portrayed the  gay marriage of a prince with another prince – the parents objected. They argued that the theme was inappropriate for their children. However, the judges in the court ruled against the parents and went in support of the school.

Educator’s opinion

It was resolved in the annual conference that was held in Harrogate in 2015 last year where the delegates approved that the motion on LGBT rights where they demanded for “a future government that can deal with existing biphobia (a source of discrimination against bisexual people) and transphobia (hostile attitude against transgender people) that prevails in school and create a positive climate of understanding about sexuality and gender fit for 21st century”.


Bethy Leonardi, a professor for future teachers at University of Colorado Boulder said, “We’ve seen heartbreaking data that suggests these conversations need to happen and they need to happen early in schools.” She even feels that the university’s initiative “A Queer Endeavor” has helped in training and shaping mindsets of the teachers.


She also said, “It’s not an agenda. We’re not telling people what to think. We’re saying that gay people exist. There are families with two moms. Some kids don’t identify in the binary. That’s it.”

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