New Year’s Eve Activities For Divorced Moms

New Year's Eve Activities For Divorced Moms

New Year’s Eve can also be tough for single Moms. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning you can turn it into a wonderful celebration for you and your familyWhether your kids are tiny tots or teenagers, why not try one of these New Year’s Eve ideas?

Make A Memory Jar For The Coming Year

Get a sturdy mason jar for each child (even better, add one for yourself!) and a bunch of craft supplies, and let your kids loose. Encourage them to decorate their jar any way they like. Provide colored paper that they can cut up into strips (littler ones will need help with this) and a few pens. Encourage them to write down good memories as they happen throughout the coming year. Next New Year’s Eve you can open the jars together and enjoy remembering all the good things.

Create Your Own Fun Countdown

New Year dawns at different times around the world. Why not celebrate New Year’s Eve throughout the day? Fill goodie bags with fun games and activities for New Year’s Eve in different countries, or get fancy by blowing up balloons and inserting slips of paper with activities printed on them. Every time New Year strikes in another major city, pop the balloon and do the activity.

Have A Mocktail Party

You don’t have to go out on the town to enjoy a glitzy party on New Year’s Eve. Let your kids dress in their fanciest clothes and get together for a mocktail party. Look online for fun, colorful drinks recipes that look and taste gorgeous without a drop of alcohol. Add extra glitz and glam with balloons, streamers and noise makers. Don’t forget to lay on some yummy finger food, too.

Organize A Scavenger Hunt

Get some friends together and organize a New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt for your kids. Head to a local park or your own backyard, or if the weather’s looking cold just arrange it in your own house. Add in some clues, puzzles to solve, or fun prizes or snacks at the location of each clue.

Look Backwards And Forwards

Grab a scrapbook and encourage your kids to draw, paint, collage or otherwise express their favorite memories from the past year. Help them along by suggesting categories such as “happiest memory”, “funniest moment”, “best movie I saw” and more. Don’t stop with the past though – take the time to set some resolutions with your kids for the coming year. This is a great chance to bond as a family.

New Year's Eve Activities For Divorced Moms

Host A Family Party

Not all New Year’s Eve parties are family-friendly, which can make New Year’s Eve a lonely time. If you have other Mom friends in the same situation, why not get together and throw a family party? Organize some party games or let the kids play with their favorite toys or video games, while the Moms enjoy socializing. See in the New Year together with cocktails for the grown ups and soft drinks for the kids.

Build A New Year’s Eve Bonfire

A New Year’s Eve bonfire is fun for kids and teens of all ages. Let them invite their friends over for a festive bonfire party in your backyard. Have traditional bonfire food like s’mores and chocolate-dipped apples. Mull some apple juice with cinnamon and honey for a delicious alternative to mulled wine, and don’t forget hot chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream for a festive treat! Bake potatoes in the fire embers, or bake bananas or apples with chocolate for a gooey dessert.

Have A Day Out

What family attractions are there in your local area? Head out to a local park or beach, or check out indoor attractions. Whether you head to the cinema, a theme park, a bowling alley, or keep it simple with a visit to a local hiking trail, find something to do with your kids on New Year’s Eve. Make a family tradition of doing something fun on the 31st of December every year.

Grab Pizza and A Movie

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be elaborate to be fun – kids and teens of all ages will appreciate a delicious pizza and movie night. Order in pizza with plenty of sides, get something nice as a treat for dessert, and pick out some favorite movies. Remember to time the movies to finish by midnight so you can watch the countdown together.

Take A Road Trip

A road trip doesn’t have to be expensive – pick a nearby location that your kids love or have always wanted to visit, and set off. Don’t forget to pack a nice big picnic for everyone to enjoy when you arrive. Take along hand held consoles or traditional in-car games for fun on the road. Arrive home in time for a home cooked supper together, or find a spot with a good view of the New Year’s Eve fireworks and watch them together before heading home for a warm drink and bed.

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be lonely or boring as a single Mom. Take the opportunity to start some fun new family traditions and create memories that will last all year.

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