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    How to Make Date Night More Exciting

    How to Make Date Night More Exciting

    Relationships aren’t always love songs and unexpected bouquets of flowers. In fact, they are often far from that, what with families and work commitments.

    Whether you’ve been married one year or thirty, having a regular date night can keep you both in-tune with one another and give you both a much-needed break from day-to-day life.

    Date nights, however, can often become repetitive and get boring, lacking the spark that you both need.

    Here are some ways that you can make date nights much more exciting and add some spark back into your marriage.

    Be spontaneous

    In a world where events are often planned months in advance, having some spontaneity in your relationship will keep things interesting. Once we know we have plans weeks in advance, even if they are with your partner, we can often put them off or make excuses to not go after a long week at work.

    Instead of planning your date night a few weeks in advance, leave a post-it-note or a little-handwritten message for your partner in an obvious place on the morning of your date.

    If you don’t have children that need looking after, you could even do it the hour before if you’re feeling particularly spontaneous.

    Be spontaneous

    Set the mood

    Remember in the early days of your relationship and you used to spend hours in anticipation of your date? Recreate those moments with your loved one, no matter if you’re 5 or 50 years into your relationship.

    Instead of throwing on old jeans and hoodie, choose an outfit that will show off your assets and have a few sprays of your favorite romantic perfume or aftershave.

    Turn off your phones so you are not distracted and enjoy one another’s company – just the two of you.

    Set the mood

    Try out-of-the-norm date nights

    Whilst fun, repetitive trips to the cinema or bowling can get boring. Fast.

    Get rid of the old ideas and try something more romantic and creative.

    Try dance lessons for something romantic or, if you’re adrenaline fans, why not do something totally different and go go-karting.

    If you’re bored of going to your usual restaurants for dinner, mix things up by going to a dessert restaurant instead or even out for breakfast before you both head out to work.

    Doing something different and new gives you and your partner the chance to get to know different sides of each other.

    Spice things up

    It’s all too easy to fall into a date night rut. With parenting commitments, busy work schedules and other adult responsibilities, these commitments can often prevent you from taking a last-minute weekend break or spontaneous spa-trip.

    You can still add in some fun and excitement with these commitments, it’s just knowing how to add some extra spice to your standard date night. If you always get a take-out on a Friday night, switch things up by cooking a romantic meal together and eating it at the table rather than on the sofa in front of the tv.

    Or, if you usually enjoy a game night together, buy some luxury lingerie to play in instead. By adding in small romantic changes to your usual routines, you’re sure to make your typical date nights much more exciting.

    Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer in the relationship niche. You can connect with her on Twitter. When not writing, Natalie can be found reading a good book with a cup of tea or on long walks in the countryside with her dog, Minnie.
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