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  • Low Libido Myths and How to Increase Your Drive

    Low Libido Myths and How to Increase Your Drive

    Many people experience a decreased sex drive at some point in their life. Several factors can contribute to this decrease ranging from stress to sheer exhaustion. For some couples, passion and desire fizzles over time. People that have a low libido or have a partner with one often think they are part of a small group when in fact, it is quite common. Fortunately, it can be increased so couples can have a healthy sex life. Unfortunately, those looking for a solution often come across myths surrounding this topic. Here are five common myths about a low libido.

    MYTH #1: There is something wrong.

    A low libido does not mean there is something wrong with you medically. Many people struggle with this problem and libido can be increased.

     MYTH #2: You can’t increase your libido yourself.

    You most certainly can increase your libido. If you are not happy with your level of desire there are things you can do. We will cover that in a moment.

     MYTH #3: Low libido is only experienced by women.

    Both men and women have this problem. This is just a topic that people are hesitant to discuss.

     MYTH #4: Emotional problems must be fixed in order to increase desire.

    Sexual therapy exists for a reason. Can addressing emotional problems first work? Yes but sometimes couples need to improve the physical first. Sex is a window to many aspects of a relationship and may be the secret to increasing your libidoand fixing emotional problems in a marriage.

    MYTH #5: Hormones are always the culprit.

    Hormones may be the cause but for most, other factors contribute to their low libido.

    How to improve it

    As stated under myth #2, there are things you can do to increase your libido. First, you need to relax. When you have a lot on your mind, you are probably not thinking about sex. There is not much you can do about the common contributors of stress like work but you have complete control over how you deal with it.

    Next, get in touch with your senses. Explore them again and take in all they have to offer. Be mindful of every touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. This will not only increase your libido but help you enjoy sex more.

    Lastly, change things up with your partner. The newness will increase your sex drive. Start by responding differently to their advances. Rather than rejecting them or using the popular, “Not now”, embrace the passion.

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