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  • Here are some exciting love making ideas for the married couples to celebrate this V-Day

    10 Amazing Love Making Ideas for Married Couples on This Valentine’s Day

    Love making ideas that will enable you to enjoy and celebrate your love and time together

    With this year’s Valentine’s Day approaching, it is possible for even married couples who are out to have a memorable experience to run out of ideas. However, the fact that you are a married couple does not mean that you have to approach this special differently than single people or couples on courtship. This means that you should research well to uncover some of the amazing love making ideas that will enable you to enjoy and celebrate your love and time together like never before.

    The most special thing about married couples spicing up their love life on Valentine’s Day is that the two partners know each other than those who are just dating. This makes it easier to understand what should be done in your love life to ensure that your partner is happy and fully satisfied. Besides, you are more comfortable with each other and therefore you can just relax and have fun with your activities on this special day.

    It is also important to understand that having a wonderful experience does not mean spending millions of dollars. Therefore, you do not need to spend more than you can afford to celebrate your Valentine’s Day or prove your love to each other. This is because there are many amazing, simple and inexpensive love making ideas that you apply to ensure that you create lasting memories with your partner.

    Here are the 10 amazing love making ideas for married couples that you should consider this Valentine’s Day:

    1. Plan it with your partner

    The most important thing to do to spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day is to ensure that you plan well with your partner. This ensures that you all know what to expect and get a chance to propose ideas that would make the day a memorable one. Proper planning offers many benefits to your lovemaking as it helps get rid of all the monotonous activities and get a chance to add new and exciting ideas.

    However, if you want to improve your sexual life, you need to examine your relationship outside the bedroom. This enables you to evaluate and determine what has been missing in your relationship so that you can add it that day. For instance, if necessary you can look for natural ways to increase stamina for a better sexual encounter with your partner.

    Plan an exciting Valentine's Day with your partner

    2.Try out something new

    Marriage life requires some investments in doing new and different things to avoid experiencing boredom of having to do the same thing repeatedly. Therefore, the fact that you together forever does not mean that there is less reason to celebrate and make this day special.

    You can try taking a bath together, renting a great hotel room, or something different in the bedroom, especially some of the amazing things that you were too shy to request in the past. Besides, doing something special and different helps to create a strong bond between couples as it makes the love making the experience last longer. However, the most important thing is to relax, enjoy and connect with your partner.

    Do something fun and new together like taking a bubble bath

    3. Spend the day together

    Spending some together with your partner this day can work magic in enhancing your lovemaking. This is because it allows you to connect with your partner, which creates a good environment to try new things. With this year’s Valentine’s Day coming on a Sunday, it now becomes easier for married couples to spend time together as many of them are free from their jobs.

    Therefore, you can go for a walk together, have coffee or dinner together, go for window-shopping or buy each other small but spontaneous gifts. You can also take your silverware, prepare your home-cooked dinner, and include additions that make it extremely romantic like playing music and engaging in games.

    4. Try a sexy challenge

    It is important to try out new sexy challenges that bring romance and intimacy in your lovemaking to the next level. This requires you to be cheesy-romantic and engage each other beforehand to ensure that your partner is comfortable with the challenges. For instance, you can try different fun activities that offer a challenge to a couple to do some things differently in their sex life. Besides, you can add a spiritual or metaphysical feel to you love life on this special day.

    Try out new sexy challenges that bring romance and intimacy in your lovemaking

     5. Remember to keep it simple

    Nothing compares to keeping everything simple and enjoyable when it comes to married couples enhancing their lovemaking. This is because too much pressure ruins the fun out of it and therefore is a great need to keep it just simple. For instance, you can try out sending nice cards, especially humorous and romantic ones or bring roses arranged in a vase rather than having a dozen of roses.

    Remember you just need amazing gestures to spice your lovemaking and not going over the top as gestures mean the most to your other half. Finally, ensure that you spend time together listening to your favorite song and the rest take place naturally.

    6.  Seek medical advice on issue below your waistline

    If you have been experiencing any condition that has been negatively affecting your sex life, consult a medical professional to ensure that you and your partner enjoy the experience. This is because some health issues may greatly affect your sexual life though they might seem less serious. These include erectile dysfunction and poor erection in men and low sexual desire in both male and female partners.

    Fortunately, the top male fertility boosters available in the market can overcome most of the common male sexual health problems today. This same applies to women problems too as there are many products in the market are designed to help in enhancing your sexual desire.

    Seek help to resolve physical intimacy issues

    7. Ensure that you eat a healthy diet

    As you prepare for what to do with your marriage partner, you should consider eating healthy. Eating a healthy diet provides great health benefits to your body and therefore can go a long way in boosting your lovemaking on this Valentine’s Day. This can also act as a natural way to increase stamina for men and sexual desire in both men and women.

    8. Play some games

    This is another simple way to relax and connect with your partner on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Moreover, you can also be more innovative and play a game that allows you and your partner to build an erotic connection for better lovemaking. For instance, you can play that requires each one of you to mention things that you both like differently. This offers a great way to understand the positives in your sex life as well as suggesting amazing ways to approach your partner for lovemaking.

    9. Start the day with right tempo

    Start by setting the right mood for the day once you wake up to ensure the day goes well. This can be beginning the day with a bit of making love early in the morning as a special breakfast for you and your partner. Besides, you can start by writing each other romantic love notes a night before the Valentine’s Day and sticking them everywhere in the house and the compound.

    However, some couples might not get a chance to spend the time together on this year’s Valentine’s Day despite it being on a Sunday due to several reasons. In such case, you can spend the day sending sexy, passionate, fun and loving texts to each other. Remember to mention to him or her of the plans that you have for your day together when you get back in the evening or when he or she returns from his or her commitments.

    Start by setting the right mood for the day once you wake up

    10. Reminisce about the past Valentine-Days

    Just a little reminiscence of the past Valentine’s Day can greatly enhance your lovemaking on this upcoming special day and relationship. Besides, it helps you recall the things that you did together that you wish could be repeated and also understand the areas that you need to improve this year.

    If you have any saved cards from each other, you can share them while talking about how much they mean to you. Moreover, be sure to discuss what you have been through together in your marriage, which includes the challenges that you have been through as a couple.


    In Conclusion, Valentine’s Day is a special day that married couples and other partners in a relationship should spend accessing and working on improving their love life. Remember being married means that you intend to stay together as a couple forever while enjoying every bit of the time in your relationship.

    However, this is not easy as getting too used to each other can possibly kill the magical feeling between couples unless you both work on keeping your love life alive. This requires thinking of different ways of spicing your relationship such as the amazing love making ideas for married couples discussed above. These are proven ways that can improve your love life and make you feel satisfied and happy with your marriage life.


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