Ideas to Propose for Marriage This Christmas

Ideas to propose for marriage this christmas

Christmas is a holiday about family, love and celebration which is why many choose to propose on the 25th. December is a very romantic month making it perfect for a proposal. If you are ready to take the plunge, here are a few marriage proposal Christmas ideas.

Use the tree

Everyone likes to have that moment on Christmas Day when they just take time to admire the tree so why not use it in your proposal? Purchase about 5 large ornaments that will stand out on the tree, get a craft pen and write, “(Her name), will you marry me?” on the ornaments. Place them on the tree the night before Christmas or sometime during the day, tell her to look at the tree and pop the question.

Put carolers to good use

For an epic marriage proposal on Christmas, have carolers sing the proposal to your spouse. This will require a little planning of course but it can be done. Pick her favorite Christmas song, replace a line of lyrics with the proposal, hire a few carolers to sing it, cherish the moment and enjoy being the best fiancé ever!

Ask after dinner

If you are having Christmas dinner with her family this year, what better time to propose than around loved ones? This approach makes the proposal even more special and really signifies starting a life together.

Give the gift of a lifetime

A simple Christmas proposal can be spectacular. Wrap up the ring, put a bow on it and give her the gift of an amazing future together. As she opens up the ring box, get down on one knee and propose. The two of you will remember the moment forever and as a plus, you get to reminisce every Christmas.

Propose on a carriage ride

Schedule a horse drawn carriage ride in the city and take in the picturesque sights as well as the intimate setting. As the end of the ride approaches and you are done sipping champagne and eating a few chocolates, take the ring out of your pocket and pop the question. This approach is super romantic, very intimate and extremely memorable. She will be talking about it for months.

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