How to Surprise your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

How to Surprise your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

When it comes to surprising a man for Valentine’s day, women tend be quite unimaginative. Sure, they have some great ideas when it comes to romance, but let’s not forget that you are trying to woo your man here, not another woman. What might seem cute and adorable to you isn’t necessarily what your man is looking for in a gift. Most importantly, know your partner and act upon it! His tastes, his way of thinking and personality are the key aspects you should focus on if you want to pleasantly surprise him in the best of ways!

Cosplay costumes

First of all, let’s be honest about it and admit that the main reason men go through with Valentine’s Day is the hope that they will get a tantalizing present in return. If you were to ask “Oh, honey, is there anything you’d want me to get you this Valentine’s?” I doubt that your partner would turn all jittery and draw up a list. So, turn on the heat and go all out this Valentine’s by buying a cosplay costume. There are a lot of classic ideas that might make any man unable to take his eyes off of you, but you could also put some extra effort into getting something that you know he really likes. Even if it’s not that easily acquired, if you search the web hard enough you are sure to find what you are looking for.  Where you plan on waiting for him all dressed up is up to you. Just make sure the neighbors don’t enjoy the show.


No heart shaped items

If you know that your man is not much of a fan of this particular event, yet you still want him to enjoy the moment, buy him something useful. Gadgets and tools are more enchanting to them than they seem to us. You might not feel your heart bursting at the sight of a new blender, but show up on your man’s doorstep with that new smartwatch that he’s been reading about lately and he’ll surely smile.


Book two tickets to a destination where the both of you can enjoy some alone time and offer him a respite from all the tiring work chores. Men love going on vacations as much as women do and there’s nothing like actually getting a chance to relax and take some time off from work and the buzz of the city. Having fun or simply taking a respite is always a welcome gift. It is also a terrific chance for the two of you to spend some time doing activities together, many of which might not be accessible at home. Whether it’s scuba diving, skiing or a romantic dinner on the beach, you’ll definitely enjoy some memorable moments.


Massage sessions

Stress and a busy working schedule can easily affect a person’s mood and willingness to participate in other activities. If relaxation is what you’re looking for, yet you can’t afford going on a vacation, go for a massage session together. It’s a great way to detach yourself from all the mundane things that have been bothering you and also the perfect mood setter. Once you’re not as tense and preoccupied with the rest of the world it’s a lot easier to think of romance and be creative in your activities.

Show off your romantic side

Men can be as romantic as women and if you know your partner to have a bit of Shakespearean inclination there are many things you can surprise him with. After all, who says only women should receive candlelit dinners and love notes? Leave a trail of notes throughout the house. You could scribble sweet and heartwarming messages or list reasons for which you fell in love with him. You could also compile photos of the two of you together in a love album and leave it in his suitcase before he leaves for work. Just make sure to choose pictures with a deep meaning for the both of you and it will make for a great surprise when he finds it at work. Send a package while he is still at the office with two invitations at his favorite show and some homemade cookies. There are billions of ideas, one sweeter than the other.

If you’ve tried them all and you still have no idea of how to surprise your man for this Valentine’s Day, choose something simple and flexible enough to fit any man’s taste. Think of all the small things he takes interest in and enjoys doing and write personalized love coupons. Make sure to mention all sorts of favors you are willing to do for him which he can use at his leisure for the entire day or even throughout the entire year.

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