Safe And Sound: How To Keep Our Kids Safe While Sleeping

Safe And Sound: How To Keep Our Kids Safe While Sleeping

Parents have the last word when it comes to providing the best and most reliable tools for their children. This fact is particularly the case when it comes to first-time mothers and fathers. These people are so eager to bring their kids home, that the environment back home is ready for the newly born baby.

With the looming threat of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, parents take that extra caution in providing comfort for their babies. Mattresses have to be firm for children not to turn in their bellies. The risk of SIDS happening to babies who sleep on their stomachs are high, compared to those who sleep on their backs.

Stuffed toys, pillows, and blankets should be kept to a minimum because they are also causes of SIDS in children. Hanging Mobiles are great for stimulation of a baby’s brain. However, mobiles are hazardous to a sleeping baby. Untoward incidents of mobiles falling on infants have been known to happen and cause severe injuries.

Although the risk of SIDS from happening is considerably low when parents sleep with their babies, injuries can still result from doing the practice. The weight of an adult can displace the mattress which can cause infants to roll on their stomach. Parents could also inadvertently cause injury to their young because of involuntary movements during sleep.

The transition of an infant to a toddler is much better when it comes to sleep. Toddlers are much more manageable. They will also demand a bed, preferably a kid’s king single bed. Even if toddlers understand some warnings, it is always important to keep an eye on them. Toddlers are also known to be very mischievous and curious, all of which could lead to danger or injury.

Here are some tips to provide the best beds for toddlers.

1. Avoid double-deckers

 Always avoid double-deckers because the risk of falling off from it is high despite its side rails. Serious injuries such as broken bones and head trauma are injuries that can result from high falls.

2. Don’t go for hand-me-downs

When it comes to children, hand-me-downs or second-hand items such as beds are no good for them. Old Mattresses may harbor harmful bed bugs or other creatures that can be very damaging to kids and adults alike. Ticks, another small bug that feeds on human blood, can cause Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an infection in the body which causes fever, headaches, and malaise.

Safe And Sound How To Keep Our Kids Safe While Sleeping

3. Cushions

If your toddler insists that he or she doesn’t need any safety rails, observe the height of the bed from the floor. If it’s too high, then explain to your kids why they need such device. If it’s low, you can safely remove the safety rails and place a cushion or a soft matt on the floor around the bed. This cushion is to lessen the impact of a fall, should it happen.


Infants demand the utmost care and attention from their parents. Parents often provide the very best they can to meet that demand for their babies to grow properly. When the transition of infancy into toddlers begins, parents should keep in mind that old mattresses are not good items to pass down.

For parents to keep their children safe and sound, precautions should always be the priority. The height of the bed, safety rails, and all other necessary details should be properly addressed and carried out.

Javier Olivo
Javier Olivo is a father of three and a writer by heart. He likes to give out advice on forums online sites like Beds Online, he talks about safety tips for infants and toddlers. In his free time, Javier plays with his four kids as well.

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