How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex Girlfriend?

How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex Girlfriend?

Are you a guy who doesn’t want to accept that your ex girlfriend is gone forever?

Do you want to get back together with her and have a relationship that will stand the test of time this go around? Are you asking yourself “How can I get back together with my ex girlfriend without ruining the relationship again?” If this is you then you better have some sort of plan laid out in order to accomplish your desired outcome.

There are different steps to take when trying to get back together with your ex girlfriend. If you don’t have a plan laid out then you may do irrational things that end up pushing your ex girlfriend further away instead of bringing her back to you. Here are some tips to help you come up with a plan.

Don’t Pursue Her for the Wrong Reasons

It’s not impossible for you to get back your ex girlfriend, unless you did something that she just can’t forgive. But you need to ask yourself if you are pursuing her for the right reasons. Do you really want your ex girlfriend back or are you just lonely? Do you still love her or is she just someone who is comfortable for you to be with? Are you trying to win her back because you’re hurt that she dumped you or because you really want her back in your life? Be honest with these questions! It’s not fair to her or you if you get her back on false pretenses. The only reason you should want her back is because you love her.

Don’t Be Desperate

Desperation can cause you to do things that are completely uncharacteristic of you, and that will send her packing for good .These types of things include stalking, begging, crying, seeking revenge, and saying things that you don’t mean.You have to control the way you feel and realize that desperation is not a good emotion to have when trying to win back your ex girlfriend. Once you clearly understand this, you’ll automatically become more aware of when you’re feeling desperate and the possible results that could come from that. You will have control over your thoughts and actions.

Start Moving On

This doesn’t mean that you have to move on from her completely. It just means that you don’t obsess about her, but instead start to work on yourself as a new person. You can never enter the relationship as the same old guy, as that didn’t work out in the first go around. You need to work on yourself and eventually approach  her as a new and improved guy. You don’t have to tweak every area of your life, just the areas that caused issues in your relationship. If you are too controlling, needy, or deceptive then these are areas that you should work on so that you never have to worry about them affecting your relationship again.

Don’t Shut Her Out Completely

You may want to take some time away from her, but inform her that the time is just for you gathering your thoughts and moving on with your life. She will respect that desire and during that time she may start to miss you and look forward to when you start talking to her again. This can be the beginning of a brand new, healthier relationshipIf she reaches out to you then don’t ignore her. Respond to her as briefly as you like, and then continue on your journey to becoming a better partner and realizing what you want out of a partner.

Eventually there will be a moment where the two of you can sit down and talk about the relationship and where it went wrong in a mature manner. And if you’ve worked on yourself to become a better person, she will see that you’re a different man and that a second chance may be worth her while! You’ll will be on the road to getting your ex girlfriend back in no time this way!

Alex Wise
Alex Wise is CEO of free dating site and relationship coach. He works with single men and women who feel like life is passing them by and helps them to get clear on what they really want and finally make their dreams happen. He also loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality. He has been covering online dating, relationships, breakups and marriage niche since 2008

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