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  • 5 Helpful Tips on Dating in the ’30s for Not-So-Young Singles-In-Town

    5 Helpful Tips on Dating in the ’30s

    5 Helpful Tips on Dating in the ’30s

    After kissing so many frogs to get to your prince in your 20’s, you would think dating in your 30’s would get easier…Wrong!

    Dating in the 30’s range can be a little bit difficult (to say the least). We never want to waste our time with someone who is wrong for us and that too for all the wrong reasons. To get what you want from today’s men, you have to communicate your values and prove your worth.

    Here are five helpful tips for living by to make sure time is not wasted on the wrong man in your 30’s – 

    1. Get to know each other first

    Whether you are in your early twenties, late twenties, or early thirties, getting to know your date first is most imperative to having a lasting relationship.

    You can start by being friends first, make some time going out on dates, learn each other’s likes and dislikes, and of course, communicate with each other a lot.

    This is how this first tip should always start off. 

    2. Talk not text

    Do not restrict yourself to just texting. Be brave enough to pick up your phone and dial the person’s number to enjoy a chit-chat together. It is agreed, that texting is more convenient and easier, but he may want to hear your voice from time to time.

    Talking will make you both feel warm and tingly! And there lies that ‘communicationword again. Yes! This is important. 

    3. Laugh often

    Laugh often

    Laughing is the best medicine there is on building towards a real relationship.

    If he can take a joke and does not feel the need to take everything so seriously, then you are not wasting time. At the end of the day, you are still communicating. Again, a conversation between partners need not be too serious all the time.

    Light-hearted conversations and shared jokes are the easiest ways to break the ice between the two of you. 

    4. PDA/Public display of affection

    We all know what this stands for Right? PDA is Public Display of Affection and today’s youth can very much relate to this. Unlike their predecessors, the young millennials are quite open about their relationships and enjoy getting cozy with one another even in the public eye.

    If you guys are out in public having a coffee at the local Starbucks, and he can hold your hand, kiss you, and be proud to show you off to the world without fear or care about the world around you two, then he is, indeed, a keeper.

    No man ever wastes doing that on purpose. 

    5. Meet the parents

    Lastly, this is a surefire way to know this gentleman is playing for keeps, and is not here to waste time.

    Meeting his family folks is pretty much saying “I want you to add value to my life forever” He values what family is all about and wants you to be a part of that. He has communicated that to you.

    You should not have any doubts about his intentions and be sure he is the one you were waiting.

    Communication is paramount to every long-lasting relationships

    The basic requirement for any relationship to sustain long-enough is to have a free-flow of communication. It is only possible to truly understand a person is by communicating with him/her and try picking up those hidden connotations that reflect what the person really is.

    Picking a date in your thirties is not that different from dates in your early, middle, and or late twenties. Just stick to the mentioned five points and you will be just fine.

    My name is Bianca Smith. Creative writer of Poetry, blogs, quotes, and articles. I have been writing since I was sixteen years of age. When your passionate about your dreams, seize them and follow through. My Instagram name is keepitrealquoted and my blog is www.keepitrealquoted.wordpress.com..
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