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  • Are You Getting Your French Kiss Right? 5 Tips to Perfect the Art

    Are You Getting Your French Kiss Right? 5 Tips to Perfect the Art


    The term itself is strong enough to take you on a tantalizing journey back to your first kiss or definitely the most memorable one.

    Who doesn’t love to taste their partner’s lips out of excitement, love, passion or whatever emotions one is feeling then?

    Since our school days, the classic Hollywood films like ‘Gone with the Wind,’ ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ ‘Rear Window,’ ‘Titanic,’ and not-so-old teenage love story, ‘Twilight,’ have contributed to crafting our imagination surrounding this tiny gesture of love.

    Oh! How we all fantasized about our first French Kiss? And imagine the moment when you get to fulfill that desire finally? The very thought of it is making me feel weak in my knees.

    Aren’t you feeling the same thing?

    What if you are not getting your French Kiss right?

    You are practically missing out on a significant chunk of fun in life. Or maybe you are just stuck between a typical ‘smooch’ and not-so-perfect ‘french kiss.’  

    FYI, a french kiss is – A passionate, deep, amorous kissing that involves lovers touching their tongues to each other’s lips and inside their mouths – Jaqueline Moreno.

    But, Smooch is just an amorous action carried out by the lips only.

    Having cleared your confusion between the two actions, let me help you with few tips on how to French Kiss a person like a pro?

    1. Start slowly and then gradually pick up the momentum

    Kissing is all about slowly enjoying and living the sensation than rushing your way to the peak.

    Rushing can cause more harm than good and the moment can become too awkward for both the partners. Don’t ruin the moment, instead get drowned in each other’s eyes.

    2. Play tango with your tongue

    Your lesson on how to french kiss a person like an expert is not complete if you are not aware of the fact that your tongue plays the dominant role here.

    Surprised??? So be it.

    After all, a French kiss is not about just a peck on the cheek or a slight brushing of lips.

    French kissing is all about passionately feeling each other’s lips and tongue-teasing with one another.

    But, you need to know when to restrain your tongue movement. It is better if you –

    • Start by licking your partner’s lips slightly
    • Tease him by using the tip of your tongue first
    • Explore your partner’s teeth and then slowly suck the tongue but for a few seconds
    • Combine the tongue-lapping affair with mild kisses on the cheeks, neck, and lips

    And guess what! The fun of tongue-lapping is entirely missing in a ‘smooch.’

    But, if you are not really comfortable playing with your tongue or enjoy your partner’s tongue exploring your mouth, then you are not a ‘French Kisser’ type.

    3. Use intensifiers like your hands

     Use intensifiers like your hands

    Are you going to stand like a statue while french kissing your girl/guy? Don’t act like a zombie. You have hands, so make use of them in proper rhythm to match the movement of your tongue.

    There are multiple sweet and sexy ways by which your hands can amplify the moment.

    • Slightly run your fingers through your partner’s hair
    • Cross your fingers or scrape the nape of their neck lovingly
    • Grip their waist or gently cup their face

    And you will experience the magic.

    4. You can make the first move

    There is no point holding back your emotion. Just let it flow out voluntarily and make your first bold move.

    In a kissing moment, if either of the partners does not take the first move, then the moment will just vanish away before you can make it memorable.

    You can start gradually by kissing your partner’s forehead, whispering soft compliments about their lips as your lips slowly descend downwards to touch the tip of their nose. You can feel the tension already rising between the two of you.

    This is the time to take that first step, but try not to jump to the end part immediately. Just go with the flow by adding more sparks to the flame of passion and finally consummate the electrifying moment by a kiss.

    The moment that you create will eventually teach you how to french kiss your partner like an expert. You need not to invest too much effort or break your brains to perfect the art of French kissing.

    Your body and the organs will know what to do next. Just try, and you will believe me.

    5. Know when to stop

    Don’t kill your partner by stretching the time of lip-locking.

    If you are a first-timer, then you might get carried away by the experience but, you need to know when to withdraw yourself from your partner’s embrace. Try to keep the moment brief yet an enticing one for both of you.

    You want to leave your partner wishing for more and dying to lock lips with you again.   

    Few sensational kissing facts to know about

    Do you know American and British servicemen in France first coined the term ‘French Kiss‘ during World War 1?

    So, do not give credit to the French entirely for this rare invention. Wait! There is more to this platter.

    • Lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers and can beat the genitals when it comes to sensitivity.
    • Passionate kissing can burn 6.4 calories a minute, is good for your teeth and can take a woman on the joyful ride of ecstatic orgasms.

    If ‘kissing’ does more good for your health then why hold yourself back? And now when you have mastered the art of french kissing, you can go on a kissing spree with your partner.

    You can always go back to our tips on how to french kiss like a pro and surprise your partner every time you two come together.

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