Fun Ways for Couples to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Fun Ways for Couples to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

When we hear the word holidays, especially during this season, we think of families spending some good time together, kids making snowmen, a beautiful tree inside a house and a nice meal to share with the family. Some people may be ok with these things, but there are some others who would like to have a change… and there is nothing wrong with that.

Most people focus on families and forget that families start with couples. If you are a married couple with children, dare to leave them with someone you feel secure, like grandparents or a babysitter. Leaving your children with someone you feel secure is not abandonment, as a couple you need to spend time of quality together in order to prevent unneeded stress in the relationship and other things that children will notice.

A good relationship with your partner is essential. A happy couple lives longer and has a better life quality than those who don’t. In fact, if you are having many conflicts you could open a door to illness like depression and heart problems, for example.

To avoid these unnecessary problems and to make your bond stronger, holidays are a perfect chance to deepen your relationship with the one you love.

Here is a list of 5 things you could do during the holidays as a couple to have fun and stay healthy together:


Cooking is a fun and delicious way to stay healthy over the holidays! It helps you to spend more quality time together and it allows your creativity to flow naturally. It’s good for establishing a connection with your partner and to learn from each other, as well as to work as a team.

Once the meal you decided to prepare is finished, you will find the taste of love in every bite!


Dancing is good for your body; it helps you to maintain yourselves young since it is a good cardiovascular exercise. If you like to dance, then take advantage of these holidays! There will be many places and activities for couples to dance together and you must take that chance. If you want a more private time, you could dance at home.

You could play Christmas songs and why not? You could also play your special song too!



Revive the moments:

Is there something you used to do and that now you don’t? You can make a list of fun things you used to do when you started dating! Try to accomplish as many activities as possible and revive the good moments! You can make changes, bets or even add the things you wanted to do, but never did. This is good for your health since it’s a good exercise for your memory and body, depending upon the activities you decide to do.

It’s all up to you!

Sexy lingerie:

You could take advantage of the season and search for some sexy lingerie! Sex is a fun and healthy way to release stress, to maintain yourselves young and to make you both feel loved by each other. A good recommendation is to search for sexy lingerie together, since it can help to start the sexual desire between you two before the moment comes.

Sex is a good way to maintain a healthy mind and body!


If you don’t want to stay at home and repeat what you do every year, you could organize a trip with your partner! You could go to another country, go camping or you could even stay at a hotel… it’s up to your imagination. The activities for couples are limitless and it’s a chance for you two to decide what you want to do to have fun!

Nobody said holidays had to be spent at home!

Stacey is a registered Psychotherapist and author of the book "Food, Sex and You". She was also the former host of a live call in show "Mind Matters". She helps people with mental health issues. Her areas of specialization are addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression. Stacey did her master's at Ontario's McMasters University (CCACCF). She also studied in Transformational Arts College, graduating with honors as a Certified Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director.
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