Financial Infidelity: 5 Signs You’re Being Tricked

Financial Infidelity

Infidelity in marriage or in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean sexual one. A rising trend is lying about the money spent by one or both partners. Financial infidelity is something you might be facing but not knowing because it is very easy to hide how much you spend. Much easier than you think.

The reason behind it almost always is disapproval for the spending by the spouse. Whether it is spending on personal enjoyment or spending for something too expensive, it is still financial infidelity.

The statistics show that 37% of men and 56% of women at least once lied about how they spent money. That means, if you’re a married man, chances are great that you were lied about those shoes on sale. They were not a sale. They were pretty expensive.

So, how to know if you’re financially cheated? Here are some clues:

Avoiding conversation about money

People hiding about how they spend the money will always try to avoid conversations about money. If you ask them about the balance or what did they spend the money on, they’ll find a way not to give you an answer. It might be polite – “Let’s not talk about that now” or become angry – “I don’t have to explain how I spend my money”.

Constant money shortage

When someone commits money infidelity, he or she can act confused about where the money went and why are they constantly short. When you ask them what they spent on, they’ll say “I don’t know” and try to remember but will never find the answer. The real answer is that they know, but they hide something.

Spending more than earning

One financial infidelity case is when a spouse is hiding how much they earn. If you see that they spend a lot of money, but you know their salary is not enough to cover those expenses, that means they earn more than they are telling you.

They usually have a hidden credit card or receive payments in cash. Whatever the options are, you’re not aware of the whole amount of money your partner has.

Old gambling habits

Gambling is disastrous for the family budget. Gamblers make very lousy partners, but excellent liars especially when money is the issue. Gamblers who have sworn that they’ll stop gambling but never did are easy to detect.

Sudden big flows of money in and periods of big debts are clear sign that they’re gambling. If you ask them how they got the money, they’ll tell you a friend returned a loan, and if they lost they’ll say they lost their wallet or even got robbed.

Sudden new possessions

If your partner has a new phone or new clothes but you’re never consulted if the family budget can afford it, then it is financial infidelity. If your partner has lavish business lunches, trips, and meetings out of town and that is all going on the family budget without consulting you, then some measures need to be taken.

Always using cash

People that hide how much they earn and spend, always use cash for buying things. Cash never leaves record where the money was spent. If you ask them why don’t they use credit cards, they’ll probably say that this way is better for them.
The real reason is that you can’t track down what they’re spending on.

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